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NBA Free Agency 2017: Top 10 Interesting Targets

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Fadeaway World

This summer will be very hot because we will have one of the best free agency in NBA history. Just look at the list and you will find many great players like Kevin Durant, Stephen Curry, Dwyane Wade, etc...

But, we have a list of players who could be very important for any roster in the league. Maybe they are not All-Star, but some of them will probably sign 100 million dollars contract in July.

Check top 10 players who can be a good help for any team in the league.

Jeff Green

Jeff Green isn’t having one of his best seasons, as Orlando Magic been a disaster this whole season. Somewhat like Philadelphia, Orlando been having trouble giving big men playing time. His downfall pretty much started when he got traded from Memphis to Los Angeles. He was pitied for taking too many naps in games. He’s a player that could be a starter on a team or be a key bench player if he would to become consistent. He may not be looking for a big day, but with the new salary cap, he’s definitely worth some big bucks.

Serge Ibaka

Recently traded to the Raptors, Serge Ibaka is a big asset to whichever team he is on. He averaged 15.1 PPG along with 6.8 RPG with the Orlando Magic. As good as Serge Ibaka is, he could be looking for a max contract by the end of the season if the Raptors give it to him or not; or a long-term deal worth the money. Raptors took a risk trading for him while he will be a free agent the next season coming up, so more than likely they wish to keep him along for a while.

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Jrue Holiday

As speculations started with Jrue Holiday getting traded back to the Sixers, it won’t be a long run with them. Although both the Pelicans and the Sixers are lacking very much talent, both teams have a player to build around with. Which confidently saying that Jrue Holiday wants to be in a “win-now” situation; of course while being one of the main factors on a team. If there are roster changes with the Pelicans in the off-season, Jrue Holiday wouldn’t mind resigning, even though his talents could be very beneficial elsewhere.

Derrick Rose

People doubt Derrick Rose would want to stay in New York. Three words. It’s a mess. Even if he’s looking for the money or not, he wants a team where he can restart his career, and if New York doesn’t get things together, then it definitely won’t be resigning with the Knicks. With 48 games played, Derrick Rose is averaging his most points per game since the 2013-14 season (17.7 PPG). Teams would most likely only want to sign him for a two or three-year deal because of multiple injuries, so he shouldn’t be looking for a long-term deal at this point of his career.

Jeff Teague

Jeff Teague could be in for a big contract next summer. Trust and believe he is very underrated, a player who doesn’t get the credit he deserves. It’s hard to become noticed with how packed the Point Guard position is. He is averaging 15.6 PPG along with 4.1 RPG and 8.2 APG; which is sixth among the league. Pacers may be looking to resign Jeff Teague due to his ability to not only score the ball but his playmaking ability. If Pacers miss out on him, he could not only make a different team better but maybe a playoff contender; even a championship contender.

George Hill

Yes, it is surprising that he is listed as number three on this list, although Utah’s success this season would be nonexistent without George Hill. As his contract is coming to an end, Utah is in very need of his abilities. So it’s not exactly how George Hill is playing compared to the league, it’s about him being a vital asset to his team. He is averaging 17.7 PPG, with an FG percentage of 47.5.

Danilo Gallinari

Gallinari was actually about to missed out on. Gallinari is one guy who could be looking for a very big contract this upcoming summer. He is the leading scorer for the Nuggets, averaging 17.2 points per game. He’s made a big impact ever since being traded from New York. If Nuggets refuse to give him a big contract, he could find it elsewhere. He’s such a versatile forward which the NBA needs more of. Although, it’s never fun relocating to a new state/city. Gallinari is a very loyal player and may not even have a problem taking a pay cut for the team’s sake.

Andre Iguodala

Iguodala is a free agent next summer and it will be tough for the Warriors to offer him another contract. He is one of the most efficient perimeter defenders in the league and he deserves to sign a lucrative contract. If he accepts to sign a mid-level, he will stay with the Warriors. Otherwise, he could sign easily 50 million dollars (3 years) with Philadelphia, Minnesota or maybe Los Angeles Lakers. Igoudala is a great target and he will help every young team in the league.

J.J. Redick

He is an excellent shooter, but I feel he spent so many years with Los Angeles Clippers. Maybe he needs a new challenge and he will have many offers on the table next summer. He can easily score 15-20 points per night but maybe is time to accept some 6th man role or a same role like Ray Allen had in Miami with Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh and LeBron James. It will be very interesting where is his next destinations and what kind of role he searching for.


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