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NBA Finals 2015: Win or Stay Home!

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Cleveland Cavaliers are one game away from Game 7.

Golden State Warriors are one game away from NBA title.

What Cavs should do if they want to win in Game 6?

The Cavs Starting Lineup

Photo Source: Getty Images

Photo Source: Getty Images

David Blatt has a tough decision tonight. In Game 5, he played without Mozgov, because of Golden State Warriors' small ball lineup.

He must stick with Mozgov and Thompson on the frontcourt because they know how to get offensive boards and with rebounds, LeBron and Cavs will get more confidence and second chance attack in the most important game this season.

If Kerr continues to play with Andre Iguodala and Draymond Green, Cavs should explore post up play with Mozgov, and if he gets space - he should play 1 on 1. With that offensive play, LeBron will get more space, and he knows how to use that kind of offensive plays.

However, they can change lineups with Dellavedova, JR Smith, Shumpert, LeBron and Tristan Thompson. But, in this offensive set - JR Smith and Shumpert must score three-points shot. And Cavs will depend on them in that case.

Matthew Dellavedova Full Defense Game 6

Matthew Dellavedova hangs on to the ball under Stephen Curry during Game 5.Source: AP

Matthew Dellavedova hangs on to the ball under Stephen Curry during Game 5.Source: AP

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Matthew Dellavedova needs once again to became a lockdown defender against Stephen Curry.

He must stick with Curry whole game, and this is the only way how Cavs can stop Stephen Curry.

Who is The X-Factor Tonight?

Photo Source: AP; Getty Images

Photo Source: AP; Getty Images

Cleveland must win tonight if they want to stay in the NBA Finals 2015. LeBron can't play alone. He will score 40 points, and he will make a triple-double, but that is obviously not enough against Golden State Warriors. Tristan Thompson and Timofey Mozgov should have standard roles, but LeBron needs someone else to score outside. JR Smith, Imani Shumpert, Matthew Dellavedova, James Jones and Mike Miller. Someone must step up, or Warriors will win NBA title tonight. JR Smith didn't score more than 14 points against Golden State, and he must stay hot entire game, not just 10-15 minutes.

The Special Force: LeBron James

He must believe in his shot from the outside. The King must believe in his teammates more than ever.

Tonight Stephen Curry can destroy his dream about third NBA title.

LeBron must stay focus, and if Warriors defend his layups, he should play on the post or just score from the distance.

They played good in 4/5 games against Stephen Curry, and they must believe in each other tonight.

This is the most important game of the season, and they should play with an urgency and with fire in their eyes.

Predictions by Alonzo: Cavs will win Game 6.