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NBA Finals 2015: The Warriors Strike Again!

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Golden State Warriors defeated Cleveland Cavaliers 103-82 in Game 4 of the NBA Finals.

Finally, they have played like a desperate team, and they played "must win" game against LeBron James.

After Game 4, Warriors have home court advantage and opportunity to take a lead in this series.

What do we learn from Warriors in Game 4? Take a look.

The Warriors Adjustment: Small Ball Lineup

Steve Kerr finally made an adjustment in the NBA Finals. Golden State Warriors have played with Andre Iguodala and Draymond Green on the frontcourt. Andrew Bogut played just 3 minutes in Game 4.

Andre Iguodala played the best game for the Warriors this season.

LeBron James shot 4-14 when guarded by Andre Iguodala tonight.

Iguodala is the best player for Warriors against Cleveland Cavaliers in the NBA Finals 2015 so far.

David Lee: Return of the Joker

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He didn't play a big role in this playoffs until the NBA Finals 2015. He can compete against Tristan Thompson and Timofey Mozgov. Lee has experience, and he knows how to score and how to connect backcourt and frontcourt.

"We've talked all season about this — my job as a pro is to be ready," Lee said. "I have confidence in myself. My teammates have confidence in me, and my job is to be ready when my number's called."

David Lee had a crucial impact in this series, and he scored 11 and 9 points in Game 3 and Game 4. We can expect a larger role in this series.

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Draymond Green: I'm Back!

I asked myself, where is Draymond Green in this NBA Finals 2015?

He lost confidence and found again when was more important.

Who helped him most?

And now, the Warriors have David Lee and Draymond Green against Cleveland Cavaliers. What do they want more?

LeBron James is Human

He scored only 20 points. He is fatigued, and we'll see in the next game can he score 40 or more points against the Warriors.

"I ran through the 12 minutes of the third, and I gassed out," James said.

Iguodala played great last night in the defense against LeBron James, but I'm pretty unsure is he capable to stop the King when he is 100% ready, and he will be ready on Sunday. What about Mozgov? Draymond Green had a good explanation.

NBA Finals 2015: Play Like Desperate Team

Yes, that is a key in this series. When Cavs played desperately, they won two games.

Golden State Warriors defeated Cleveland last night because they knew if they lose, they never come back from 3-1.

Now, both teams have two days for resting and after that we'll see who is desperate team enough to win in Game 5.