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NBA Draft 2017: Top 3 Best Destinations For Lonzo Ball

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Fadeaway World

We’ve all heard about the Ball family over the last couple of months, as Lonzo - the oldest of the three brothers - is set to enter this upcoming NBA Draft with several teams looking forward to acquiring the services of the 19-year-old from the UCLA Bruins.

Through 36 games as a freshman, Lonzo became a very dominant player and a prolific scorer, averaging 14.6 points, 7.6 assists, 6 rebounds, 1.8 steals and 0.8 blocks per game on .551 shooting and .412 from deep, although his .673 from the charity stripe is a legit concern, as well as his lack of midrange shot and how that could translate to the NBA.

Furthermore, Lonzo himself confirmed that his team’s loss against Kansas would be his last game as a college player, and considering how much noise his father Lavar has made about his son’s talent and the fact that most mock drafts project that he’ll likely be picked 1st or 2nd overall, we should take a deeper look into his style of play and where he could be better suited to play in the NBA.

Even if the Boston Celtics are very likely to have the chance to draft Lonzo, the fact that they already have Isaiah Thomas, Marcus Smart and Terry Rozier make him unnecessary for Steven’s team. He could also go the 76ers to play alongside “The Process” and Dario Saric, but they've made it very clear that they intend to give Ben Simmons the starting point guard position, so it wouldn’t make senses to draft Lonzo either. So let’s take a look at the 3 best destinations for Lonzo Ball.

Orlando Magic

The second worst team in the Eastern conference was a huge disappointment over the course of this season, after hiring Frank Vogel and acquiring some interesting players such as Serge Ibaka to try and make a playoff run and go back to contention with the growth of Aaron Gordon and Elfrid Payton.

Nevertheless, after giving up on Victor Oladipo and sending the tweener guard to the Oklahoma City Thunder, Payton’s development really stalled and Vogel was left without options at the starting point guard position. Considering how poorly they’ve performed over the year and the high possibilities they have to land a top 3 pick, the Magic shouldn’t hesitate to go after Lonzo and see if he can finally take their franchise back to its former glory.

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Phoenix Suns

The Suns are actually one of the most intriguing and interesting young teams in the Association right now, featuring Devin Booker, Marqueese Chris, Alex Len, Derrick Jones Jr and Dragan Bender, and owning a very decent young point guard in Tyler Ulis, as well as having Eric Bledsoe on their squad.

Nevertheless, even if Bledsoe’s a great player, his durability is a concern, and the fact that he’s the most valuable asset they own at the moment, make him a prime trade candidate to be combined in a package with Brandon Knight in order to try and acquire an All-Star Caliber player, as well as handing out the keys of the car to Lonzo Ball, bringing him to the desert to play alongside Devin Booker and create a very impressive backcourt for the future.

Los Angeles Lakers

Even if Luke Walton already counts on Jordan Clarkson and D’Angelo Russell to run the point for LA, none of them have actually shown signs of being a capable facilitator and game manager over the course of their young careers, showing a vast offensive repertoire and scoring ability, but being more of a strong scorer off the bench or off-the-ball player, rather than a pass-first type of guard.

So, if Magic Johnson is able to land Lonzo, it’ll move D’Angelo back to the shooting guard position, where he actually thrives the most and is far more dangerous, and Clarkson could come off the bench to play against smaller and slower defenders, where he can be way more aggressive. On top of that, Ball would become yet another outstanding and attractive asset for a Lakers team that should be very aggressive in this upcoming free agency.


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