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NBA: 4 Big Trades That Could Change The Playoff Picture

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The trade deadline is just a couple of days away from us and teams have been on the phone night in and night out for a while now, with general managers trying to make a run at some stars that may be still up for grabs.

With half of the season already on the books, the playoff picture is still taking shape, but we’re getting a clear idea of where teams may land at the end of the campaign to try and make a run at the Finals.

Nevertheless, if some of the trade rumors we’ve been hearing over the last couple of days are true, things can get really shook in both Conferences and the playoff picture may be drastically changed.

Today, we’re going to let you know about the top 4 deals that may change everything in the playoffs.

4. DeAndre Jordan to the Portland Trail Blazers

DeAndre Jordan has been in the trade block for the whole season now and with the Los Angeles Clippers just entering rebuilding mode with the Blake Griffin trade, his departure from the Staples Center seems like a done deal.

So, the Portland Trail Blazers have quietly emerged as a possible suitor for the big man, as they’ve carved a rim protector for years now. With this kind of move, Nurkic would shift to the bench and provide a lot of balance and punch in the second unit, and the Blazers could go way higher than the 6th seed they currently own.

3. Avery Bradley to the Oklahoma City Thunder

With Andre Roberson suffering a season-ending injury, the Oklahoma City Thunder’s defensive woes have once again appeared against subpar teams, so they’re desperately looking to get a defensive minded guard that could help them leap past their opposition in the West.

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They’re currently sitting at the 5th spot in the Western Conference, and with Avery Bradley set to become a free agent at the end of the campaign, the Pistons are trying to deal him as they don’t feel like he will commit with them, and he may be the missing piece they so desperately need to get things done and make a Finals run.

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2. Marc Gasol to the Boston Celtics

The Memphis Grizzlies have repeatedly stated that they got no intentions whatsoever of letting Marc Gasol go, and they even fired their head coach following an altercation with their All-Star big man, but that doesn’t mean other teams aren’t going to aggressively pursue him as we head towards the deadline.

Gasol is their lone good player right now and they’re not going to be able to compete for at least 3 to 4 more seasons. So, if Danny Ainge manages to pull that trade-off, they may become the deadliest team in the East and even dethrone the Golden State Warriors on a hypothetical Finals matchup.

1. Hassan Whiteside to the Milwaukee Bucks

The Milwaukee Bucks have been playing very solid basketball after firing Jason Kidd, and they’re currently at the 5th spot of the Eastern Conference but could take a leap as the 4th seeded Wizards would have to be without All-Star point guard John Wall for over a month.

For that matter, they can make the most of Hassan Whiteside’s desire to leave the Heat after being benched in key stretches of games and most 4th quarters, and that kind of rim protector may give them one of the most balanced and deadly starting units in the Association and who knows? With the Cavs struggling, they may even jump to the 3rd seed.