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Luke Walton as a head coach of a NBA team?


Many were amazed in the recent success of the Warriors including that 24-0 regular season start which Luke Walton coach the team.

Earlier this season, Luke Walton was assigned to be the Interim Golden State Warriors head coach of the defending champions because team Head Coach Steve Kerr was recovering from a hip surgery. Luke coach the Warriors for 43 games and had a record of an impressive 39-4 record. Even though he coached the Warriors in that time, he wasn't credited about to have that record for his coaching career.

After their 4-1 First Round series victory against the Rockets, the Golden State Warriors grant the wish of the Los Angeles Lakers to interview Luke Walton to be the next coach of the franchise.

But if I were coach Walton, I would like to stay for more years with the Warriors. He had a chance for winning championship there for a very long time. I think he's not yet ready for a full head coaching job. He needs to develop well as an assistant coach so that he can really coach well if he becomes a full-time head coach in the future.

But if he wants to be a head coach right now, here's some possible destination for Walton.

Los Angeles Lakers

A young coach could really fit into a young team like the Lakers. They've D'Angelo Russell, Jordan Clarkson, Julius Randle, Larry Nance and the future 2016 Top 5 draft pick of the Lakers. Things will be good for Walton and young core of the Lakers as they try to develop for the future.

If the Lakers sign a big name in the free agency, maybe they can have a good team next season.

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New York Knicks

Luke Walton played for Phil Jackson back in L.A. They've some chemistry together to build a team in New York. Walton knows to play with the triangle offense and sure he can teach those guys to play well using that kind of offense.

The biggest problem is the roster. Nobody knows where Carmelo will playing next season. What if they can trade him and want to start from the zero. That would be very tough for Luke Walton.

Sacramento Kings

Coaching was the problem for the Kings in the past year. Things don't really fit well on that team. Maybe his leadership will really fit on their roster.

The biggest problem could be the relationship with DeMarcus Cousins and Rajon Rondo. The pressure is really high in the Sacramento Kings and maybe Luke Walton will try to avoid this opportunity.

Houston Rockets

Team play was the real issue for the Rockets last season. With his experience in teaching great ball movement of offense with the Warriors, maybe he can bring a lot to Houston.

Howard will change the team, and now they will build a team around James Harden.


Luke Walton had a great season as a Coach of the Warriors, but if he decides to become a Coach, maybe the best solution would be Los Angeles Lakers.

They have a young core and with a future pick and if they sign the All-Star player, Luke will have a good roster from beginning.