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LeBron James and his son playing together in the same game?


For a LeBron James, many say that is a most dominant player of all time. His athletic superiority combined with daily highly intensive workouts gave him a body that isn't seen in NBA. Imagine two specimens of these genes playing basketball for the same team, playing the same game.

We are going a couple of years ahead. It's last week of June 2024. LeBron James Jr. is selected as the 3rd pick in NBA Draft and his father LeBron James is a free agent. He decides to sign a veteran contract with the team that drafted his son. LeBron James is 39 and his son is 19. And that duo becomes a first father-son duo that plays in the NBA. Of course, it's an idea, but it's not far from the reality.

Kevin Willis played his last game at the age 44. There many other examples of players that played after 39, how much will LeBron have at the time when his son can enter the NBA. John Stockton, Michael Jordan, Karl Malone, Dikembe Mutombo and so on.

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Another relevance that affects this possibility is can LeBron James Jr. play in the NBA? He is 11 at the moment and he is showing some great moves which gave him various offers from different Universities. He is very good at this age, but there are 8 more years ahead of him to work and develop in some significant player. Doing that he will give us the opportunity to watch for the first time father-son duo in the same game playing together. Time will tell!