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Kyrie Irving Mix - Panda


Irving missed the final five games of last season’s finals with a fractured knee cap, but his knee was not right throughout the 2015 playoffs.

“I just remember having that knee brace on, and it just didn't feel the same hobbling into the locker room knowing that we were going to the Finals but wasn't at full strength, and Kev was out,” Irving said. “Thinking about just the steps it took to get back to where we are now, I really have a true appreciation for these guys and my teammates and just a true appreciation of the journey. This is what it's about, everything that's built up throughout the regular season coming to this point – ups and downs.”

Kyrie Irving is the best ball handler in the NBA right now.

It's always interesting to see the NBA Mix about his crossovers and fakes against the best defenders in the league.

He will play in the NBA Finals 2016 and he is waiting for Golden State Warriors or Oklahoma City Thunder.

This season, he finally understands how to play team basketball, and Cleveland Cavaliers with him, LeBron James and Kevin Love could win against every team in the NBA right now.

Even LeBron James appreciate that Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love are the biggest additions for the Cavs in the NBA Playoffs 2016.

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“I didn’t appreciate last year, myself personally, on getting to the Finals,” the NBA superstar said.


“Just so much was going on in my mind, knowing that Kev (Kevin Love) was out for the rest of the season and knowing that Ky (Kyrie Irving) was dealing with injuries all the way from the first round. I just didn't appreciate it,” James said.

And now?

“It’s definitely a different feeling,” he said.

Against Toronto Raptors, Kyrie Irving had 24.2 points, 3.3 rebounds and 4.5 assists per game.

We'll see how he will play against the best point guards in the NBA, Stephen Curry or Russell Westbrook.