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Just Working on the Weekend: Westbrook Only Averages a Triple-Double on Games Played Friday-Sunday

AP Photo/Charles Krupa

AP Photo/Charles Krupa

After being left on his own in Oklahoma, Westbrook has stepped up to the mark, playing some of the best basketball of his life so far this season for the Thunder.

Russell currently averages 31.8 ppg, 10.3 apg and 10.6 rpg for the Thunder. Westbrook is averaging a triple-double a game so far in the season and it’s looking like we’ll see him go the rest of the season doing so.

Here's his splits by day of the week that the game is played on, including total games per day provided by Reddit user slysonic7.

Monday (11 games) - 28.1 pts/10.5 reb/ 9.0 ast

Tuesday (7 games) - 33.7 pts / 9.0 reb/ 11.7 ast

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Wednesday (14 games) - 31.8 pts/ 10.5 reb/ 8.9 ast

Thursday (7 games) - 33.1 pts/ 8.4 reb/ 6.6 ast

Friday (10 games) - 34.2 pts/ 12.8 reb/ 12.0 ast

Saturday (7 games) - 28.6 pts/ 11.6 red/ 13.1 ast

Sunday (11 games) - 33.5 pts / 10.4 reb/ 11.3 ast

I know that each day is a small sample but still really interesting that he is averaging a triple double on "only" 3 days of the 7 and still is averaging a triple double for the season, just goes to show how his insane performances on Fridays help balance things out.

Thank you for allowing us to use your content, slysonic7.


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