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JR Smith: Top 3 destinations!


JR Smith is one of the most favorite player in the NBA. Almost every person who watches NBA likes him and his stolid behavior. His shooting 3s percentage throughout the whole career is 37.5%, which is very impressive. With his great shooting ability, he gained nickname JR Swish. Do you know that during his journey in China, he set a record of 60 points, shooting 3s 14-18, coming off the bench?

JR Smith is a guy who loves more to shoot a three over a player's hand than an open one. And he scores them in a higher percentage. Although he is a guy who is a phlegm and really likes to smoke a joint sometimes and also had been often in a negative spotlight, because of his fines and suspensions, we saw an emotional meltdown on the press conference after winning an NBA Championship with the Cleveland Cavaliers. It was on Father's Day.

If someone mentions basketball and Father's Day in the same sentence, first that comes to my mind is a picture of Jordan lying on the floor of locker room crying with the ball. When JR came to the conference it looked like a normal press conference. But, when he started to talk about his family, emotions were evident and then he started to cry and it was, for sure, very hard to watch.

"I mean, my parents, my family, that's the biggest inspiration in my life. I've been in a lot of dark spots in my life, and if it wasn't for them, I wouldn't be able to get out of it. But they are who they are. They fought with me. They yelled at me, they screamed at me, they loved me, they hugged me, they cried with me, and they always stuck by my side no matter right or wrong."

But, also he got a support of his teammates, the coach and many other from the Cleveland Cavaliers. Why I wrote whole this intro for the article named "JR Smith: Top 3 destinations!"? This is because I believe that his next season destination will be Cleveland. He just won a trophy, why in the world will he left? The chemistry in the team is very high. His position is empty, which means if he signs for the Cavs he will be definitely the first option for the shooting guard position. But, miracles happen every day, so I will write top 3 destinations for JR Smith in case he leave Cleveland Cavaliers.

Oklahoma City Thunder

I can't get used to Oklahoma without Kevin Durant. The truth can be cruel sometimes. How can they acquire JR? They have $22M free in their salary cap. They have Oladipo on SG position, but JR played two seasons in Denver and New York as a small forward and maybe he can be a perfect replacement for that position. At the moment their first option is Kyle Singler and everything is better than Kyle Singler, even Shaquille O'Neal as a small forward.

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They have a space in the roster that JR can fill. They have money to give him. If they keep Russell Westbrook, which will be very hard for Sam Presti because some of the teams that are chasing him are the Lakers, the Celtics, and others, that can be a good team after we all expected a complete disaster and tank next season. Westbrook, Oladipo, JR, Ilyasova, Adams. Surely they are not a great team and a Championship contender, but they can hope for a playoff and with Russ as a leader everything is reachable.

Boston Celtics

If you mention any player eligible for a trade or is a free agent, Boston must be one of his probable destinations. Great tradition. Great management. Young team. Excellent coach. A full arsenal of picks. They are ready to chase every player in the whole NBA, even LeBron James. At the moment they have Avery Bradley on SG and Jae Crowder on SF. But their future in Celtics is not secure because they can be traded every moment for Westbrook, Griffin, etc.

Even if they remain in Boston, JR Smith can be a great substitute player for both positions. When no one has their night, that probably means that it's JR's night. He can easily score a 3 and raise a team's moral. He started off the bench many times in his career, so that will not be strange for him. Boston will be in top 3 teams in the East next season, so leaving the Cavs for the Celtics will not be so stupid move. He will be closer to the Championship in Cleveland, but Boston can be a big challenge for him.

Minnesota Timberwolves

Minnesota has a very young team, also very talented. Tibs as a coach is a great benefit for those players and for the franchise too. I expect from them so much in next couple of years. They have a bright future. In the whole NBA, maybe Phoenix and Philadelphia have brighter. In the frontcourt they are filled, but backcourt can be a problem for them because they are in lack of good players there. They also have money to bring JR there.

The only unknown is JR's will to be a mentor for those younger players. LaVine and Wiggins are top prospects and future faces of the franchise and they can't be cemented for the bench. They need to play, to develop, to have minutes. That means that JR will start off the bench. As I said, that is not a strange thing for him. But unlike Boston, if he wants a title he will need to wait for a couple of years and he is 31.

The Conclusion

I said it in the beginning of this article and I will say it again. He will probably remain in the Cavs. He feels very good there. Money is not a problem because Cavs have bird rights for him and can offer him enough money. David Griffin is also convinced that he will stay in Cleveland. And I am too. I don't see a reason why will he left the current Champions of the NBA.


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