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James Harden Once Left His Hard-Working Mother A Note When He Was A Child Predicting The Future

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It's extremely tough to make it as a pro athlete, let alone the NBA.

It requires dedication, support, skill, and even a little bit of luck and confidence in yourself to make it to the pinnacle of basketball.

And it seems a young man by the name of James Harden had all of those qualities in droves.

In a letter left to his mom when he was 12 years old, Harden (minus the beard) asked to be woken up at 7am for school, some money for the bus, and also left a heart-warming message to his mom.

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The entire note reads:

“Could u wake me up at 7:00?

“And could u leave me a couple of dollars?

“P.S. Keep this paper. Imma be a star.”

The 12-year-old Harden also left his signature in the note.

Harden's mother, Monja Willis, apparently keeps the note and has brought it with her in each house she’s lived in since raising Harden in California to following him to Houston.

She's lucky she did keep the note, as the young Harden's prediction has definitely come true in the past few years. Ever since James was traded to Houston, he's become one of the league's best scorers, facilitators, and players in general, finishing top 2 in MVP voting in both 2015 and 2017.