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Is This The End For LeBron James?


A force, a legend, a talent, a “King”. The many names of LeBron James are a shining example of just how powerful he really is. For LeBron, though, it’s not just power — It’s sheer dominance, and invincibility.

Since he came into the NBA, what kind of legacy did he create for himself? On day one, he had expectations for what he wanted to be. He came out of High School wearing the number 23 (the same as Michael Jordan), and he played like he wanted to be the greatest. Before anyone could catch their breath, he was hailed as the self-proclaimed “Chosen One.”

From that moment on, he’s been nothing short of unstoppable. True, he hasn’t always shown his best side. And sure, he hasn’t always brought out the best in his team. Despite all that though, he somehow, someway, made sure that his reign atop the league was never questioned.

That’s what happens when you win in the way that James has. With four MVPs, three championships, 13 time NBA All-Star selections, it’s clear that LeBron has certainly earned that “royal” status.

So when reports came out recently about LeBron “demanding a playmaker” and him calling Charles Barkley a “hater” for disrespecting his legacy, it raised more than a few eyebrows. This is LeBron James we are talking about, after all. The best player on the planet, the 3-time Finals MVP, the 100 MILLION dollar man. Normally, players as great as James make so much noise.

The thing is, he doesn’t seem ungrateful. He doesn’t seem weak. Strangely enough, he seems scared. He seems desperate. But he has every reason to be.

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You see, LeBron is not invincible, not anymore. Even he knows it now. He knows now, that in order to beat the Golden State Warriors, his Cavs need a miracle. He knows that the road to another championship is going to be much, much tougher than they imagined.

What most don’t get though, is that time is running out. It’s running out not only for this Cavaliers team but also for LeBron. At 32 years old, his prime is fading faster than a chocolate bar in a hungry baby’s hand.

LeBron’s downslide might not be such a big deal if there wasn’t anything standing in his way. But NEWS FLASH, The Warriors aren’t going anywhere! Kevin Durant WILL come back, Stephen Curry WILL come back, and the pieces will once again fall the right way for Golden State. They are scary, and they will be the top togs for many years to come.

LeBron gets it. He, maybe unlike the rest of his teammates, realizes that the end is closer than they think. The competition is getting stronger, the Cavs are getting older, and the Warriors will be hanging around, always waiting to get in everyone else’s way.
For “King” James, things have never quite been so dangerous. He’s in danger of losing his crown. His prime years are fading away, and his team is becoming increasingly venerable.

Sadly, he’s no longer that same kid out of High School, who seemed like an immovable, invincible rock. He’s a 32-year-old man, in his last stage of greatness.

All legacies, no matter how great, have an ending. All LeBron wants is, to end it on his own terms. He wants to do all that he can, while he still has that last spark of youth within him.

While he is still the best player in the game, for now, it won’t last too much longer. Father-time is undefeated, and LeBron has to win now before both he and the Cavs’ window closes. This may very well be considered his final stand.

So when you call LeBron “desperate” or “scared” you’re exactly right. He’s all those things and more, but only because he has to be.


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