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Is Kevin Durant in the prime of his life?

Kevin Durant MVP

Many people lost their minds about Kevin Durant joining the Golden State Warriors in the summer and we seen the usual ‘burning of the jersey’ ceremonies put up all over the internet, just like when LeBron James left Cleveland back in 2010 to join the Miami Heat and form a ‘superteam’ with Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh. So far in the Bay though we have seen Durant play some exceptionally good basketball.

It was no fairytale beginning though as Durant and the Warriors started off shaky, losing the season opener at home against the San Antonio Spurs by 29 points. The NBA world was shocked by this result. The newly formed ‘Superteam’ beaten in their first game? It was hard to believe at first. I remember looking at the score the next day and thinking “This can’t be right”. But the news was right and the Warriors bounced back winning 4 games straight until they were then beaten by the young L.A Lakers by 20 points.

That really sent the message home for the Warriors and ever since then they’ve been amazing. The Warriors currently are 25W-4L, leaving them 1st in the Western Conference and with the best record in the NBA at the current time.



Curry, Durant, Thompson and Green really seem to be gelling well together at the minute and they’ve put doubters aside as they continue to tighten their grip on the Western Conference. The Warriors certainly look like they can do it all this year and avenge last years 3-1 Cleveland comeback which lead to a 4-3 win in the NBA Finals series for the Cavs, bringing the title to Cleveland for the first time in the Cavaliers’ history.

Durant won the NBA MVP award back in the 2013-2014 season but missed most of the 2014-2015 season due to injury. We saw Durant return to play 72 games of the NBA regular season last year and he had an impressive year returning to good form averaging 28.2 ppg and he managed to bring the Thunder to the Western Conference Finals.

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So far in the 2016-2017 season, Durant has averaged 25.7 ppg, 4.6 apg and 8.4 rpg. Durant’s scoring is improving as the season continues on and we seen him put up 34 points in the Warriors win against the Portland Trailblazers where they beat the Blazers by 45 points.

Durant is averaging 54% from the field while he averages 41% from behind the three-point line. That’s some good stats but even Durant’s overall play has been great and he’s linked up well with Curry and others on the squad. Another surprise chemistry-bond is Durant and Ian Clark and we’ve actually seen these guys record some impressive plays between them so far this season.

Durant has been great and has definitely fitted in well with the Golden State Warriors. We’re seeing Durant play some of the best basketball he’s played since he won the MVP award. 

Many people count Durant as a favorite to win the MVP award this year and according to the NBA MVP award tracker (sourced by, Durant is second overall in the standings. He has a probability of 19% to win the award and sits just behind former OKC teammate, James Harden, who currently has a 44% probability to win the award. 

For Durant and the Warriors, the main focus will be on bringing the Larry O'Brien trophy back to The Bay Area.

It’ll be exciting to see what Durant and the Warriors can do for the rest of the season and the NBA world will be watching closely to see can they do it all and take home the NBA Championship this year.


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