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How Good Is Kyrie Irving?

Credit: Wallpapersdsc

Credit: Wallpapersdsc

Kyrie Irving, the twenty-four-year-old, 6’3 point guard out of in Australia. While averaging an outstanding 24 points and 6 assists, in 35 minutes a game while playing in 44 games this season, Kyrie Irving will be making his fourth All-Star game appearance in the coming weeks. Yet, he is impossible to truly rate.

After his short one-year stint at Duke, averaging 17.5 points and 4 assists per game, Kyrie Irving was drafted first overall in the 2011 draft with hopes to be the face of a struggling Cleveland franchise.

Is he the most overrated star in the league? Is he the most underrated superstar in the league? Where might he stand compared to all players? These are all questions with many answers that vary greatly, from different opinions to different fans. In the eyes of a Cavaliers fan, Kyrie is truly remarkable, he is a clutch, deadeye shooter with the ability to drive hard to the rim when needed; not even to mention his handles, if not the best, Kyrie Irving has one of the best handles of the ball the league has ever seen, along side Allen Iverson. Irving scored more points driving to the basket last year than Kevin Durant and Carmelo Anthony respectably.

Yet in the eyes of a fan hating the success looming over Cleveland, Irving is an offensive minded, injury prone player, with immense troubles keeping up with the elite class of point guards in the NBA. For reasons like these, it is truly impossible to rate Kyrie Irving. Where does Kyrie rank in a list of the top players in the NBA? A common opinion is that Kyrie ranks eighth in the NBA behind LeBron, James Harden, Russell Westbrook, Kevin Durant Steph Curry, Kawhi Leonard and Chris Paul; making him the fourth best point guard in the NBA (Yes, James Harden is a point guard).

When Irving has the ball, he has proven to be an art form, to be able to run the show; it does not matter who the supporting cast may be, Kyrie does a complete takeover of the game proving himself to be a premiere clutch player in the league.

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On the current Cavaliers roster, K.I is the man to take the final clutch shot in the game with less than a minute less.

Is Kyrie an enhanced version of Allen Iverson? He has never had the luxury of shooting 25 shots, but imagine the stat sheet that would go along with 25 shot per game. He has an efficiency rating, win share and game very similar to AI.

Some may regard Kyrie as a strictly scoring point guard, but what some may fail to understand is that on a Cleveland roster with LeBron James, a traditional point guard is not necessary, thus Kyrie has evolved into a scoring point guard with the ability to pass the rock when LeBron is off the court.

The NBA is in a unique stage of point guards, the scoring first point guard is slowing yet surely evolving. There is a decreasing amount of traditional point guards with an efficient assist to turnover ratio and a mind capable of seeing everything. The most elite traditional and efficient point guard in the league is Chris Paul.Per 48 minutes, CP3 tallies 15 assists per game and has a turnover to assist ratio of 4.1; while Irving totals 2.2 assists per turnover, 57th in the league among all players.

Through detailed analysis of Kyrie Irving’s game, I can confidentially name Kyrie Irving as the fourth best point guard in the NBA.


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