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Harrison Barnes: Top 3 Destinations


Harrison Barnes turned down $64 million before the season, and now it looks like a huge mistake if we analyze his performance in the NBA Playoffs and especially if we are talking about the NBA Finals.

He averaged only 9.3 points and 4.4 rebounds against the Cavs with 35.2% from the field, and he scored only 15 points (5/32 from the field) in his last three games of the NBA Finals.

The timing couldn't be worse for Barnes, as he heads into the offseason and restricted free agency.

The question is whether the Warriors would still want to sign Harrison Barnes after the NBA Finals. When they needed him the most, he failed, disappointed and disappeared in the most important games of the season.

What is the next move for Harrison Barnes? If the Warriors decide to leave him in the free agency, I'm more than sure that he will sign a max contract in the off-season.

Is Harrison Barnes worth the max? I don't think so, but when we see who else sign very expensive contracts, he will find a way to sign if he is looking for that.

Who will sign with him, the max contract?

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Los Angeles Lakers

Of course, the LA is always on the list. They tried to sign LeBron James, Carmelo Anthony, LaMarcus Aldridge, Dwyane Wade... why to not try to sign Harrison Barnes?

They will offer him a max contract, if DeMar DeRozan decides to stay in Toronto Raptors. Also, Harrison Barnes will be on the standby until Kevin Durant' decision.

Orlando Magic

They struggling after Dwight Howard' Era, and they have Nikola Vucevic and Serge Ibaka in the squad. They will need Harrison Barnes to play SF and I think that Orlando Magic will be one of the contenders to offer him a max deal.

The problem is if Barnes decides to sign only with teams who are chasing NBA Championships next season. Los Angeles Lakers is a better option than Orlando Magic, if we are talking about prospects and the future.

Boston Celtics

After Cleveland Cavaliers won the NBA Finals, Kevin Love will stay there. The Celtics will try to sign Kevin Durant and Al Horford. If they rejected the offers, Harrison Barnes will be their highest pick to sign.

Also, if they sign Kevin Durant, hm... they will probably want to sign Harrison Barnes because with him and Durant, the Celtics will have a great SF/PF combination in the starting lineups.

Other Options

Washington Wizards - They have John Wall and Bradley Beal. With Harrison Barnes, the Wizard will have a great young core in the starting lineup.

Charlotte Hornets - Nicolas Batum will probably play elsewhere, so they will have a free SF position for Harrison Barnes. Why not to add him with Kemba Walker?

Philadelphia 76ers - It's just a joke. They have Dario Saric, of course they will not try to sign Harrison Barnes.