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George Hill’s Impact On The Jazz

George Hill Utah Jazz

George Hill is 30 years old, and playing his best basketball with the Utah Jazz. He was the Pacers’ true Point Guard for 5 years. With Indiana, George Hill was averaging 12.3 PPG & Shooting 44% . Hill was playing with an All-Star small forward, (Paul George) and wasn't able to control the game how he wanted to.

With the #1 scoring option for the Pacers being Paul George, Hill wasn't able to control the offense how he wanted to. Hill’s usage rate with the Pacers was under 20% 4 out of the 5 years when he was there. His first year with Utah Jazz, Hill showed why he is becoming Utah's most indispensable player.

He is taking his skills to the next level, and showing us why his name should be floating around the top 10 PG’s in the league category. Hill has career-high numbers so far to start off the season. He is averaging 20.0 PPG career high and leading the team, shooting a career high 53%. George Hill is also arguably (and surprisingly) the most efficient point guard in the league right now.

According to ESPN, he’s ranked #5 in all point guards in player Efficiency Rating. George Hill is impacting the Utah Jazz, they haven’t had a true PG that can score and share the ball since 2008 Deron Williams. Hill covered up the rough patch for the Jazz’s point guard issue.

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Hill impacting the young players on the Jazz giving them a feel of a good PG. If he can continue to play like this, he can help lead the Jazz to a postseason appearance, they haven't been to the playoffs since their 2011 season. This Jazz team is a better fit for the Playoffs this year because of him. Hill makes them a more of a complete team. When he starts - the Jazz have 5-3 , when he's out they have 3-5. With Gordon Hayward , George Hill , and Hood, the Jazz will have a lot of scoring opportunities

Hill's presence has a calming effect on his teammates. When he was on the floor, offensive sets run to near perfection on a majority of possessions and, on the other end, the Jazz (11-8) defend at a high level.

"He makes the game easier for everybody, so it's great to have him back out on the court," Gordon Hayward said after Wednesday's victory over the Nuggets.

When Hill came back he snapped the Jazz 4 game losing streak. He can control the ball well too, he has only 15 turnovers playing 11 games.

The only question for the Jazz now, is if can he stay healthy for the entire year.


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