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Five Players That Could Be Traded By The Deadline


We’re used to seeing a lot of surprises in the National Basketball Association, as teams are constantly looking to get better and have to part ways with some of their players in order to do so. And even though those moves can seem obvious at times, General Managers work around the clock to impress us when they decide to pull the trigger.

With the wheels already in motion and the regular season underway, we can already take a look at some of the things that may or may not happen with some of the teams that make a living in the Association.

Either if some guys find their record being better than they expected during the offseason or because they wind up seeing that their campaign is already down the drain and they need to rebuild, trades happen and there’s nothing we can do about it.

But, what we can actually do is try to be one step ahead of everybody, and that’s exactly why today, we’re going to let you know about 5 trades that are definitely going to happen before the deadline.

5. Eric Bledsoe


The Phoenix Suns got off to an abysmal start of the season, and even though nobody expected anything out of them due to the lack of experience in their promising squad, the fact that they had what may be the worst defense in the history of basketball isn’t really encouraging.

And that’s why the Suns’ odd man out has finally taken a stand, tweeting “I don’t want to be here” hours before Phoenix decided to part ways with coach Watson. So, with Bledsoe in the trade block for 3 years now and with his value dropping by the minute, this move could actually happen this very next week or so.

4. Marc Gasol


The Memphis Grizzlies impressed with a 2 - 0 start including yet another victory against the Golden State Warriors, and their offense is really leaning in the 32-year-old Spaniard now that Zach Randolph is out and Chandler Parsons is bound to lead the team’s second unit.

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Still, with the kind of roster the Grizz have right now, they’re not actual contenders and their impressive start may just be a fluke. Now that the grit and grind era has come to an end, they need to make the most of Marc Gasol, whose value is also quickly dropping due to his age and injury history.

3. Kenneth Faried


Kenneth Faried hasn’t been able to live up to the expectations that surrounded him coming out of the NCAA, where he was a dominant beast in both glasses, failing to improve with his unidimensional style of play, lacking the range to play the four and size to play the five.

Besides, he’s already stated that he wants to be a starter and with Paul Millsap landing in Denver you know that’s just not going to happen, so expect the Manimal to be dealt in some salary dump deal in exchange for some spare parts.

2. Nerlens Noel

Nerlens Noel

The Dallas Mavericks relied on Nerlens Noel to be their signature big man for the future when they acquired him from the Philadelphia 76ers, but gave him a very short leash, as he’s apparently going to continue to come off the bench for Carlisle’s team.

Noel’s eager to get a max deal elsewhere and is hungry for minutes, so he might as well force his way out of a team’s that’s going nowhere and that doesn’t seem willing to risk much on a guy that has more injuries than highlights so far over his young career.

1. Jonas Valanciunas


The Toronto Raptors have been putting Valanciunas on the trade block for a very long time now, and even though they haven’t found any good suitors so far, Serge Ibaka’s presence and their desire to go small may push the Lithuanian big man out of Canada anytime soon.

Valanciunas is a very strong big man and a very good roll man, so the problem so far has been the lack of value they’ve gotten so far for his big contract. Nonetheless, expect a contending team to try and land Jonas right before the deadline in exchange of picks and one role player or two.

Author: Ernesto Cova