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Five NBA Franchises That Desperately Need To Start Over


For all thirty teams in the NBA, there's been good times and bad times. The Lakers are going through a rough patch now, but they're coming off decades of continued dominance in an era where they won 16 Championships. And while it seems like the Spurs have been good for forever, even they have had a period of sub-par performances in their history.

Point is, every team goes through periods of ups and downs, it's just the way things are. But sometimes, when a team goes down, it has trouble bringing itself back up. Whether they're stuck in the middle, unable to materialize in the post-season or they're lottery teams that haven't seen the post-season in years, there are indeed NBA franchises that just cannot seem to get things together.

In this list, we analyze those franchises that, through all their trials and efforts, cannot seem to get it right, and are in need of a serious reboot.

Los Angeles Clippers


Regarding teams that fail continually, the Los Angeles Clippers have quite the reputation for that sort of thing. This year, without Chris Paul, the Clips actually started off the season winning a lot of games and surprising a lot of people in the process.

Eventually though, right on queue, Los Angeles lost their way and proceeded to lose 8 straight games. It seems that right when this team begins to gather positive attention, it blows up right in their face.

The only way for the team to truly move on, sadly, is by cleaning house and starting completely over. Changing cities, rebranding, and building from the ground up may be the only way to expel the "Clipper-curse" for good, even if it takes a few more years of sucking to get there.

Dallas Mavericks


The Dallas Mavericks are far removed from their Cinderella Finals run in 2011. In fact, the only remaining member of that old squad is Dirk Nowitzki, who's clearly seen better days at 39 years old.

Still, it's still a little hard to think that they can't dig themselves out of their recent drought. They have an awesome owner, a brilliant head coach, and a class-personified organization with a rich history. But when you look at their current situation, it'll become clear why they need to hit the reset button.

Their best player is Harrison Barnes, who is an above average role-player at best. Alongside him, there's a 39-year-old Dirk, a washed up Wesley Matthews and a 20-year-old Rookie who may or may not be their next big star. Add all that to the fact that they have severe problems attracting a star Free-Agent, and that's a pretty serious mess.

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Orlando Magic


Just when we were beginning to ask ourselves if the Magic were for real this time, reality comes back to bite us, and them, in the butt.

Losers of eight straight games, optimism for Orlando's season has fizzled just as quickly as it had risen. And unfortunately for them, that's not a new feeling for anyone supporting the Magic in recent years. Again and again, they prove themselves to be unreliable in the big moments and seem to have a liking towards missing the playoffs.

Unlike other teams on the list, it's not just something that needs to change... it's everything. Top to bottom, the Magic need to seriously make some moves and remake themselves if they ever hope to earn some respect.

As is, they'll never attract a free-agent, and they surely won't be making any significant noise in the playoffs anytime soon.

Sacramento Kings


The Sacramento Kings are truly the epitome of bad decision making. They traded away DeMarcus Cousins for practically nothing (after telling him they wouldn't trade him), used a recent lottery pick to draft Willie Cauley-Stein (it's not too early to call him a bust yet, is it?), and have consistently made moves that had the whole league scratching their heads.

They are no Cleveland Browns, but they sure aren't within spitting distance of respectability, not yet. What they need is a true rebuild, one that starts in the front office, and ends on the player roster. They need a new identty, a new face, a new leader, a new brand. Unless they get those things, their future will continue to be a huge question mark.

Toronto Raptors


The Raptors (AKA: The Clippers Of The East), are a retry good team through the 72 regular season games.

When playoff time hits, however, the Raptors become the Chickens, like they do every year... like clockwork.

The team has good stars, a good coach, and an amazing fan base. But something is obviously not working here, and it’s been time to clear house for quite a while now. As DeRozan grows in years, his game will decline and so will the Raptors chances of even making the playoffs. It’ll be tough, but they should trade him now while he still has enough value left.

Rebuulding is the only way to steer the ship right and to make a team that works.