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Five Bold Predictions For The 2017/18 NBA Season


How did we get to this point? So much has changed in the NBA landscape this summer, it's almost been hard to keep up with everything that has been going on.

Chris Paul got traded to the Rockets, Gordon Hayward signed with the Celtics, Paul Millsap chose the Nuggets, Paul George was dealt to OKC, D'Angelo was moved to Brooklyn, Steph Curry inked a record breaking deal, Carmelo Anthony was submerged in scandal, and Kyrie Irving was finally traded away to the Celtics.

This upcoming season will be something special. Not only will it give us an entertaining year, but it'll also allow fans to see how all these new rosters will pan out. As October approaches, so does the excitement of a fresh basketball season.

It is hard to guess what the new season will bring. But in this list, I attempt to go around that. These are 5 crazy bold predictions for the 2017/18 NBA season.

The Celtics Become The Best Team In The East


Before everything happened, the Celtics were already a pretty good team. Behind their talented roster and the leadership of Brad Stevens, Boston was able to really make some noise in the Eastern Conference. But when it came time to challenge the Cavaliers in the postseason, everything fell apart. The team quickly realized they never really had a chance against the Cavs.

With the acquisitions of Gordon Hayward and Kyrie Irving, things could be very different this time around. Hayward and Irving provide the Celtics with the star power they've needed for years. Plus, the Cavaliers got worse. Without Uncle Drew's offense, their threat on that end of the floor will take a huge hit.

It seems hard to admit, but the Cavs' reign atop the East may be over. The door is now wide open, and the Celtics may be the first ones to walk through.

Giannis Antetokounmpo Wins MVP

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The funny thing is, Giannis already hinted at his MVP goals for this upcoming season. People thought he was crazy, but why is that such a far-fetched scenario? Giannis is one of the few players in the league who can play all five positions. His KD-like length makes him virtually unguardable. He can rebound, score, defend, and make plays for his teammates. His only weakness is shooting, which has gotten better since his arrival in the league.

Milwaukee is nowhere near as good as the Warriors, but they aren't nearly as talented. If Giannis is the reason the Bucks make some noise, then him winning that MVP trophy could become a real possibility. The stars are aligning for Giannis, all he has to do it show the world what he's made of.

Lonzo Ball Wins Rookie Of The Year


This one may not be so bold, but when talking about Rookie of the Year, Lonzo has the biggest opportunity to win it by a mile. He's got the media attention, he's got the glamour lifestyle, and (most importantly), he's got the skill. Before playing in his first game, people compared him to Magic Johnson, LeBron James, and even Jason Kidd.

It's still way too early to consider him in the same breath as those legends, but it shows just how highly everyone thinks of him. He can shoot, pass, and has a special talent for making his teammates better when he's on the floor with them. He's the point guard every team dreams of having. And yes, we have no clue what he'll become. But this season should provide him the perfect chance to thrive in the city that he loves.

Dwyane Wade Returns To The Heat


Recent reports speculate that the Heat would only be willing to sign Wade back if he agreed to a bench role with a 4 million dollar contract. So despite all the rumblings of him returning to Miami, it doesn't look very likely at the surface.

But thigs change, feelings change, and anything can happen in the NBA. In the case of Wade and the Heat, it is not hard to see them restoring their relationship. Cleveland is going downhill, Los Angeles does not have a good enough roster, and the Bulls obviously aren't the place for him to be. By default, Miami remains a significant option. For NBA fans around the globe, seeing Wade don a Heat jersey again would be something of pure joy. And that's something they might get to enjoy real soon.

The Warriors Make A Major Move


As is, the Warriors are on track to be very good for a long time. With 4 all-stars and 2 former MVP's, the team is loaded with special talent. Reports out of the Warriors camp, though, suggest that they could be looking for more. Rumor has it they will "attempt to find a way" to sign Paul George over the summer.

Even if they don't make a major addition come next season, they could loose an important piece of their core. Klay Thompson is due for a big payday, and everyone knows the Warriors can't work their way around it. If Klay decides he wants more money to fit a bigger role, he could lean towards leaving, which could pressure the team into trading him. Of course, a myriad of other moves is possible. No matter what happens, it seems a major move could be happening in Oakland.