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Dwyane Wade: Milwaukee Bucks?


Dwyane Wade’s legacy will forever be tied to the city of Miami, but now it appears he’s looking elsewhere. According to ESPN’s Brian Windhorst, Wade has opened contract talks with the Knicks and Bucks, and may schedule meetings early next week.

Milwaukee? Interesting choice right? Wade wants to take his talents to team an embarking on a full rebuild that only won 33 games last seasons. It isn’t as insane as it sounds, though.

If you’re a head coach in the NBA, 6’11 Giannis Antetokounmpo is a power forward. If you’re the Milwaukee Bucks, than Giannis is small forward thanks to another young stud who plays power forward named Jabari Parker. But, if you’re Jason Kidd, the Greek Freak is the league’s most dynamic point guard. Yes, at 6’11 Giannis can dominate in the open court, defend anyone 1-4, rebound, and apparently manage the playmaking duties. And in the 25 games that Giannis played point guard, he had five triple-doubles.

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Aside from Giannis and his unbelievable versatility, the Bucks aren’t exactly starving for young talent. They have 24-year-old wing Kris Middleton, a great shooter who lead the Bucks in scoring last season. The aforementioned Jabari Parker, who exploded after the All-Star game into one of the league’s most polished post players. And, now they’ve acquired Mirza Teletovic from Phoenix and Delly from Cleveland, on top of drafting risky-but-intriguing phenom Thon Maker and Malcolm Brogdon from Virginia.

That leaves us with Greg Monroe, a talented center who disturbed the balance that Milwaukee found in 2015. They key word, however, is “talented”, meaning he could be a valuable chip on the trade block. Possibly for a true shot blocker to anchor the paint. So when you add that all together, Wade is exactly what the Bucks need. A champion who can mentor the talent around him, and mold them through his years of experience and knowledge into viable contenders. But, are the Bucks what Wade needs? Compared to Miami, yes. The Bucks have three players who can easily score 15 points or more a game, and for a veteran like Wade who isn’t able to carry the offensive load any longer, that’s paramount.