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Did Kevin Durant Ruin The NBA?


Oakland, California -- Things weren't supposed to be this way.

Stephen Curry was not supposed to become the best shooter in NBA History. he was just a small, unathletic kid from Davidson with severe ankle problems.

Klay Thompson was not supposed to become one of the league's top 3 shooting guards. He was only a kid picked 11th by a team desperate for stars.

The Warriors, they were not supposed to become one of the most dominating basketball teams to ever walk the face of the earth. They weren't supposed to be spectacular, or special, or historic. The Warriors, they were just another average team.

But sometimes, things happen in ways that don't always make sense. The odds, however lopsided as they may be, don't always lead to the highest possible outcome. For the Warriors, a mix of miracles, luck, and genius resulted in them becoming something truly special. And their story is one that we may never hear again. Today, Kevin Durant (for better or worse, is a part of that story now. He is a part of the miracle that helped change the Dubs, and the NBA, forever. Midway through his second stint with the team, however, and we still come to one question when we think about Durant and the team that surrounds him: Did he ruin the NBA?

Did Kevin Durant break basketball? Well, if you ask him, he likely wouldn't care enough to truly answer anyway.

Because, to him, he just wanted to win. He still wants to win. The Warriors always gave him the best chance to, not only win but win in a way that brought out the very best in him. And he's enjoying every minute of it.

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The rest of the NBA world, though, isn't quite feeling that same vibe.

When KD made his controversial decision, it sent the league reeling in a never-ending quest to match fire-with-fire. The Cavaliers responded by forming their own "big three." The Thunder made strides by combining stars of their own, while the Rockets made some noise themselves by pairing two of the best guards in the NBA.

That's not exactly the problem though. The notion of superstars banding together to take down a common, more powerful foe is not necessarily a bad one. After all, who doesn't enjoy watching Russell Westbrook throw assists to Carmelo Anthony?

The real issue is, none of it matters. The "super" teams, the stars, the blockbuster trade deals. No matter what other teams do, they will never beat the Warriors. The Dubs, they know the system best... because they invented it. They have a perfect semblance of players, players who play the right way, in the right system, for the right reasons.

That's who the team was before Durant joined, and they only got better once they arrived. They became unbeatable. Truly unbeatable. In the end, everyone knows which team will be the last left standing. Until the injury Gods take them down, or their beautifully veiled peace falls apart, the Warriors aren't exactly going anywhere.

Kevin Durant made sure of that when he signed the dotted line last summer. He definitely had every right to go wherever he wanted, nobody is arguing that. But it's hard to say that the NBA is better off because of his move to Oakland. Not that Durant particularly cares about that anyway...