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Detroit "Bad Boys" Pistons: The Most Hated NBA Team of All-Time


They were given a bad reputation and bad image, have been called as one of the dirtiest and most crooked teams in the history of sport. Isiah was the undesirable one in "Dream team", Mahorn and Laimbeer were cowards and thugs, Dumars was so boring and his game was ugly. Chuck Daily had an awful haircut.

But you know what. They didn't give a fu**!!! You know why? Because when you are the best, and untouchable, people will try to calumniate you with all sorts of talks. And "Bad Boys" knew that.

They have crashed the biggest rivalry, the biggest two teams and the two best players in history and climb to the top. Just stop for a second and think about it. The whole world had been watching Lakers and Celtics, and at one point, some bunch of unknown guys is trying to
get their share of fame. Who the hell are you? Magic and Bird are the two best players in history, not some Thomas and his team.

What kind of city is Detroit? it is a dead city, L.A. is the center of "Showtime", and Boston is the center of the East coast. We don't need some team from no good town!

And you see when they started winning, the rumors started to appear. "They are thugs, they play dirty, they are cowards." Yea, everyone remembers John Most, after a fight in Game 3 of East Finals, and his speech. But he didn't remember how his favorite team played when they were winning. Boston Celtic are probably the dirtiest and most treacherous team ever to play in NBA, and that refers to the Bird' generation. And yet, they have labeled Detroit as one.

Let me ask you something. Would you let anyone bully you and try to beat you with hard and tough defense, without at least giving him a small taste of his own recipe? That is what I am talking about. Bird is the probably the last person who should criticize anyone's temperament and sportsmanship.

And he tried to be innocent after whole Isiah-is-a-racist situation when all country was behind his back because nobody wanted new guys to appear. Boston Celtics are franchise who has the most titles. L.A. is the second. Detroit has none. What do you want? You have no titles, you are not interesting, have no money, your city is violent and does not represent the American dream and society.

Detroit Pistons Bad Boys
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It was the clash of two America. One as it is shown on TV where everything is good and nice, no problems in society. And other that is outside mainstream medias, where there is a lot of troubles, no money, and no perspective. And nobody wanted to accept that.
Lakers too weren't innocent, but at least they didn't complain as much as the Celtics.

80's were the time when league was different and there were a lot of physical in the game, often there were fights, and conflicts, defense was harder that now. Just look at the videos and stories, most of the epic fights were at that time.

Bad Boys were a team. After Rodman said what he had said about Bird ( "If he was black he would be just another good player, but because he is white he is the best" ), nobody wanted to leave him alone in front of the media. And after that, they were NO#1 hated team in the country.

And you know what, they liked it. They were motivated and wanted to prove that they can beat all of them, the whole country. And they did.
But somewhere down that road, everyone forgot how good they were. I mean, man, they sure knew how to play. Isiah was probably the only man on this planet who could disturb Michael Jordan. Dumars was one of the smoothest and most calm players in the whole history. Rodman?

What should we say about Rodman? Imagine a shadow who is always around you, and when you try to dribble there is no way that you will be passing him.

I wonder how would some today's center play against Laimbeer and Mahorn. Oh, I would just love to see, some of the leagues best offensive guys trying to score beside them.

This team was five years constantly in the top of the NBA. They marked a new era in the Leauge, it was they who brought down the old empire and old kings. It was they who changed the course of history, beating the Celtics and the Lakers. It was they who challenged the whole world.
It was much harder for them to get to the top than it was for the Bulls during the 90' or the Lakers or Celtics during the 80's.

The guys we mentioned before plus Marc Aguirre, Vinnie Johnson, John Salley and many more deserve your respect.

"Bad boys" suffered injustice, and are still today one of the most hated teams in history, because of media.

But you know what? They don't give a ****!!!

bad boys


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