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Daily NBA Fantasy: Late FanDuel Picks for May 19

Photo Source: USATS

Photo Source: USATS

Ok, NBA Fans...are you ready for the Conference Finals? You can read our preview for the Western Conference and the Eastern Conference.

We have only one game for today: Warriors against Rockets.

But I will write about my lineups for today and tomorrow.

FanDuel and DraftKings Fantasy Contest for May 19

1. FanDuel offers the significant contest - $100K Tue NBA Slam, for $5.

2. DraftKings is hosting NBA $15K SHARPSHOOTER; entry is $3.

The High Expectations

Dwight Howard - Historically he always played well against the Warriors even from his Orlando days. From the start of playoffs, he caught his old form, averaging 17.2 ppg, 13.8 rpg, 2.5 bpg. His free-throw shooting is awful lately, but Clippers didn’t find the way to exploit.

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Stephen Curry - They can't stop him. Steph Curry will have his nights off against the Rockets. I expect 25+ points in every game against his defenders.

Paul Millsap - Tristan Thompson is a good defender, but Millsap played very well against Nene and Gortat so he can be best player against Cavs in this series.

The Moneyball

Corey Brewer: Houston's wing was absolutely terrific against the Clips, helping them to reach the conference finals for the first time since 1997. Brewer was hitting treys, chasing Barnes, Redick and even CP3 and looking like an elite SF. High risk, higher reward bet.

Kyle Korver: Sharpest shooter in the NBA didn't play well against Washington, but there is little doubt that he will improve his game and find his outside touch

Timofey Mozgov: The Russian Tower won't score 20 points, but something like 10-15-3 is actually possible against undersized Atlanta's frontcourt.

Big Fails

James Harden - Klay Thompson is a solid defender, and he learns from Tony Allen how can be the elite defender in the NBA. But, can he do that? I believe that Warriors will use every player (backcourt) to defend James Harden, even Andre Iguodala.

LeBron James - This is the first game for Atlanta Hawks, and they must stop the King. LeBron played great against the Bulls, but Hawks can defend him in the next one. But, LeBron will score 30+ in the second game against the Hawks.

Good Luck!!!