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Daily NBA Basketball: Select Best Lineup for April 23

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Last night I made a mistake with Damian Lillard, but I advise you to select DeAndre Jordan, Blake Griffin and Chris Paul and to avoid Zach Randolph and Deron Williams. That was enough for you to selected an excellent roster and made a good position in the Daily Basketball Fantasy.

Today, we have three games: Cavs vs. Celtics, Bulls vs. Bucks and Warriors vs. Pelicans.


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Select Your Roster

The High Expectations

PF Anthony Davis - This is his first playoff game in the front of Pelicans fans. New Orleans must beat Warriors if they want to stay in this series. AD needs one full stats line.

$10.900 (DraftKings)

PF Paul Gasol - Two games vs. Bucks without 20+ pts. He must take this one with 20+ pts. Select him.

$8.800 (DraftKings)

PF Draymond Green - He can't defend Anthony Davis, but he can grab lots of rebounds, scores 10+ points and has 4-5 assists per game.

$7.900 (DraftKings)

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The Moneyball

PG Tyreke Evans - He needs just one game, and that game is on the home court. Triple-double tonight, what you think?

$7.400 (DraftKings)

PG Evan Turner - He is not playing well the first two games against Cleveland. Can he get strong double-double tonight?

$6.200 (DraftKings)

SG Eric Gordon - He's a little overrated player. Gordon still needs to prove himself to the Pelicans fans.

$5.200 (DraftKings)

The Big Fails

PG Derick Rose - Chicago has road game vs. Bucks. Rose recently play well, but can he maintain good form tonight? I don't think so.

$7.500 (DraftKings)

SF Harrison Barnes - The Warriors will mix roster tonight because they play on the road. Iguodala will probably have more minutes than usually. Do not select Harrison Barnes tonight.

$4.600 (DraftKings)

C Andrew Bogut - He plays solid against the Pelicans, but Asik must boxing him out this one.

$6.600 (DraftKings)

Good Luck!!!