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Daily NBA Basketball: NBA $5K (entry $0.25) or $200k (entry $25)

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Tonight, we have three games: Brooklyn Nets vs. Atlanta Hawks, Portland Trail Blazers vs. Memphis Grizzlies and San Antonio Spurs vs. Los Angeles Clippers.

This is the State of Fantasy, Fadeaway Predictions by Alonzo Warond.

It's time to choose starting lineups and beat the competition.


1. DraftKings is hosting 1-day NBA contests with thousands in prizes. I suggest you free entry – NBA $5K QUARTER ARCADE for only 0.25$.

2. FanDuel is hosting $200K Wed NBA Slam, entry is $25.

3. NBA Playoffs on FantasyUp are Just Getting Started! $1 Big 50/50 [$90 Guaranteed].

4. FantasyDraft has BETA NBA $5 50/50 (ALL 4/21). $225.00 in cash prizes.

Select Your Roster

The High Expectations

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PG Damian Lillard - Last game he didn't play well. Portland Trail Blazers must win tonight and Lillard has to be their hero. Silent Assassin, we believe in you tonight.

$7.600 (DraftKings)

C DeAndre Jordan - Hack a Jordan. If I can predict his stats vs. Spurs, I guess that he can grab 20 rebounds with 12 points and 2 blocks. Is that enough for your roster?

$8.400 (DraftKings)

PF Blake Griffin - Who can defend Blake Griffin? Aron Baynes.

$9.700 (DraftKings)

PG Chris Paul - Like I said before, CP3 must take over this series and play best basketball in his life.

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$9.900 (DraftKings)

The Moneyball

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SF DeMarre Carroll - He is the X Factor for Atlanta Hawks. Full stats line, He is a Draymond Green on the Eastern Conference.

$6.200 (DraftKings)

SG Danny Green - This selections is "win or go home". He can score 6 three-points or miss everything. It's your decision.

$4.300 (DraftKings)

SG Alan Anderson - "Tim Bontemps of the New York Post suggests that Alan Anderson could draw the start over rookie Markel Brown for Game 2 against the Hawks." Is that enough for you?

$3.000 (DraftKings)

The Big Fails

Photo Source: Bill Baptist/Getty Images

Photo Source: Bill Baptist/Getty Images

PF Zach Randolph - Portland must defend Zach Randolph or Marc Gasol. We are selecting Zach Randolph.

$7.500 (DraftKings)

PG Deron Williams - Atlanta Hawks has one of the best defenses in the NBA. Deron Williams or Joe Johnson? What do you think?

$6.700 (DraftKings)

PF Thaddeus Young - We expect 15+ points tonight for Atlanta Hawks. Last game he has 15 Pts and 10 Reb. Is that more than everyone expect?

$6.100 (DraftKings)

Good Luck!!!