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Daily NBA Basketball 2015: Best Fantasy Lineup for April 24

James Harden

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Today we have three games: Rockets vs. Mavericks, Raptors vs. Wizards, Clippers vs. Spurs.

It's a weekend, so let's earn some money and go to the party tonight. What about tomorrow? Stay with us and we'll see what we can do in the Daily Fantasy Basketball 2015.

Today, we have a lot of Daily Fantasy Contest, but I select a few.


1. FanDuel, the contest of the night: $200K Fri NBA Slam, entry is $25.

2. DraftKings is hosting 1-day NBA contests. I recommend this one:NBA $75K SHARPSHOOTER, for only $3 entry.

3. FanDuel is hosting $50K Fri NBA Shot #2, for only $2 entry.

4, FantasyUp has Big 50/50 $72 Guaranteed for only $1 entry.

Pick Fantasy Lineups

The High Expectations

SG James Harden - He scores only 24 points per game vs. Mavericks. Is that real? Off course is not. He must break out this one with 30+ pts.

$10.600 (DraftKings)

C DeAndre Jordan - In the last game vs. Spurs, he scores 20 points. Can he repeat that with 20 rebounds and 5 blocks? He is DeAndre 3000.

$8.600 (DraftKings)

PF Blake Griffin - He can always make a triple-double. With a lot of assists, he has a problem with rebounds, but if he scores 25+ points, who cares?

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The Moneyball

SG Monta Ellis - Without Parsons and Rondo, the only player with Dirk, who can score 20+ pts is Monta Ellis. Dallas must win tonight. All in.

$6.700 (DraftKings)

PF Dirk Nowitzki - Last game vs. Rockets, only 10 points. Houston leads 2-0, he is a legendary player, and he must be hot vs. Rockets.

$7.300 (DraftKings)

SF Kawhi Leonard - He is an all-around player. Counter-attacks, lot of steals, good defense and easy layups. Barnes can't stop him.

$8.800 (DraftKings)

The Big Fails

C Jonas Valanciunas - Nene and Gortat knows how to defend the paint. Valanciunas has a problem in this series and today he is playing on the road.

$5.700 (DraftKings)

SF Josh Smith - Last game vs. Mavericks, he almost made a triple-double. It's not real to make another full stats line in the consecutive games.

$6.600 (DraftKings)

PF Amir Johnson - Same as Valanciunas, he can't get good stats against Nene and Gortat.

$4.700 (DraftKings)

Good Luck!!!