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Daily Fantasy Basketball: Best DraftKings Picks for May 21-22

Photo Source Fernando Medina/NBAE via Getty Images

Photo Source Fernando Medina/NBAE via Getty Images

Only one game per night. Today, Houston Rockets "must win" against Golden State Warriors. But, Stephen Curry is on the other side. And that is a big problem for James Harden and Dwight Howard.

Dwight Howard is a game-time decision, and Houston should use more than ever wings and James Harden. Clint Capela will play in the starting lineup if Howard is not available. You can check the status of DeMarre Carroll.

DraftKings and FanDuel Fantasy Contest for May 21-22

1. DraftKings is hosting NBA $55K SHARPSHOOTER; entry is $3.

2. FanDuel offers the significant contest - $30K Thu NBA Layup #2 (Thu-Fri), for $5.

The High Expectations

SG Klay Thompson - He's not playing well in the NBA Playoffs so far, and we are waiting for him. He can score more than 20 points, but now - he is focusing more on the defense, because of James Harden than on the offense. But, I expect from him to be a better player in this series.

PF Paul Millsap - In the last game, he disappointed us. Tristan Thompson is a great defender on the post, but Millsap must play better next one against the Cavs.

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SF LeBron James - One man team. He is a leader of the Cavs, and he is the best player in the world. Every night, he is very close to get a triple-double, and I hope so that he will earn that, against Atlanta Hawks.

The Moneyball

PG Dennis Schroder - He should play better than we saw him against the Cavs. Atlanta needs a bench, and he must prove worth in the playoff, not just in the regular season.

SF Corey Brewer - Houston must have every man on the bench. And Brewer knows how to play in the counter-attack and how to change a rhythm in the defense and scores some easy layup in the offense.

Kyle Korver - Where is Kyle Korver? Only 7.0 pts against the Wizards and only 9 points against Cleveland Cavaliers? He knows that Atlanta are playing in the NBA Playoffs?

Big Fails

PG Kyrie Irving - He is not 100% ready and you can avoid him until he scores 25+ points. And I don't know when we can expect that performance.

SF DeMarre Carroll - If he is playing tomorrow, avoid him - because he can't play against LeBron James.

Good Luck!