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Daily Fantasy Basketball Advice: NBA Lineup for April 25

Photo Source: Sam Forencich/Getty Images

Photo Source: Sam Forencich/Getty Images

Last night, if you chose James Harden and the players from The Moneyball, I think that you beat the competition.

It's a Saturday, we have enough time to select wisely roster and play our game.

Today we have four NBA games: Hawks vs. Nets, Bulls vs. Bucks, Warriors vs. Pelicans, Trail Blazers vs. Grizzlies.

You have a lot of contest, select the best one.


1. $150K Sun NBA Mayweather Fight Experience, by Fan Duel for only $2. That is our favorites for today.

(1st:$10,000.00 and Mayweather Fight Prize Package ($25K Value) Includes 2 tickets to the fight on 5/2, Airfare and Hotel).

2. FanDuel is hosting$150K Sat NBA Slam, for $25 entry.

3. DraftKings is hosting 1-day NBA contests: NBA $100K CROSSOVER, for $27 entry. This is the tough one, but $100k is $100k. :D

Pick Fantasy Lineups

The High Expectations

PF Anthony Davis - Pelicans has 0-3. It's a win or stay home. AD must create 30+ points.

$11.200 (DraftKings)

PF LaMarcus Aldridge ($9.700) and PG Damian Lillard ($7.900)

Portland must win tonight. Aldridge and Lillard will play great, or they can get 0-3 vs. Memphis.

PF Paul Gasol ($9.00 DraftKings) and SG Jimmy Butler ($8.200 DraftKings)

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Gasol didn't have 20+ pts in series vs. Bucks. Butler will take this one with the full line stats.

The Moneyball

SG Joe Johnson - Hawks leads 2-0, and Joe Johnson must play like a leader if Nets wants to stay in the game.

$6.500 (DraftKings)

PG Tyreke Evans - The Pelicans needs better backcourts vs. Warriors. Evans should play like a point guard.

$7.600 (DraftKings)

C Brook Lopez - He is playing very well, but Nets has 0-2. Against Horford, it's always tough, but he should play at the highest level today.

$8.000 (DraftKings)

The Big Fails

C Joakim Noah - He hasn't played well this series. Avoid him.

$6.500 (DraftKings)

SG Kyle Korver - The Nets must defend better 3pts shots on the homecourt. And I guess that Korver will not have a good game.

$6.100 (DraftKings)

PG Derrick Rose - He is, along with Butler, the best player in the Bulls against Bucks. But, why he must play 4 games at the superstar level?

$7.700 (DraftKings)

Good Luck!!!