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Daily Basketball Fantasy: Top Picks for May 15

Bradley Beal

Golden State won their last title back in 1975, when the legendary Rick Barry was their alpha dog. Now, exactly 40 years later the Warriors have an opportunity to reach the conference finals. More importantly, they have the right to dream about the championship. But, the Grizzly bears from Tennessee certainly have something to say.

Atlanta and Washington have 1 title apiece, but the Hawks were playing in St. Louis back then, and the Wizards were known as the Bullets when they climbed to the top in 1978. After few games of struggling, playing with unrecognizable style and being down in the series, the Hawks are again on their way to the conference finals. Young lions Wall and Beal plus experienced Paul Pierce will cause the damage and you can not underestimate them. It would be no surprise if they somehow find the way for the another match.

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The High Expectations

Zach Randolph: After two games below his standards, it’s about time to see the old Z-Bo in FedEx arena.

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Bradley Beal and John Wall: With an unreliable Nene, aging Pierce, Beal is the Wittman’s biggest hope in the quest for Game 7. But, John Wall is also a great pick for tonight. He has a fire in the hands.

Paul Millsap: His minor injuries are the past as it seems, and that is a dangerous sign for the Wizards. Sapp is a tough man to handle for both, Nene and Gortat.

The Moneyball

Kyle Korver: I know that KK let us down in couple occasions in this series, but he must have one big scoring night.

David Lee: The Warriors’ luck turned around when they started using former All-Star forward Lee. He is doing a decent job so far and is better to gamble than Nene or Green.

DeMarre Carroll: The Hawks won two in a row despite poor performances from their swingman. If he explodes, the series will be over.

Big Fails

Nene: The Brazilian looks useless in this series if we don’t count Game 3. Avoid him in your team.

Draymond Green: After he successfully guarded Randolph in the previous two games, it is very hard that he can repeat such a feat.