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Daily Basketball Fantasy 2015: The Slash Brothers against the Grizzlies

Photo Source: Joe Murphy/NBAE via Getty Images

Photo Source: Joe Murphy/NBAE via Getty Images

The NBA 2nd round is here. We have two games today: Wizards vs. Hawks and Grizzlies vs. Warriors.

What you think about two different basketball philosophy, who is better - Warriors or Grizzlies?

Are you ready to roll and play the daily NBA fantasy on the highest level?


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The High Expectations

PG Steph Curry - He is the MVP off the Year, and this is a big test for him. He must lead the Warriors against the Grizzlies' defense. Everything bellows 25 points is not good for us.

$10.300 (FanDuel)

C Marc Gasol - He is the best center in the league. Andrew Bogut knows how to play defense, but Marc Gasol knows how to play in the offense. I expect double-double tonight.

$8.400 (FanDuel)

PG John Wall - He has a playoff intensity, and this is a big series for him. If he plays without more than 5 turnovers, you can expect a big game against Jeff Teague.

$9.400 (FanDuel)

Also Consider: Klay Thompson or Bradley Beal

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The Moneyball

SG Tony Allen - Without Mike Conley, he must play defense on the elite level. I expect a lot of steals, rebounds and 10 points against the Warriors.

$4.800 (FanDuel)

SF Paul Pierce - He is the X factor against the Hawks. If he can score 20 points, the Wizards will have better chance to beat the Hawks.

$4.400 (FanDuel)

C Andrew Bogut - Memphis has one of the best defense in the league. Because of that, Bogut will have an opportunity for rebounds and blocks.

$6.000 (FanDuel)

Also Consider: Dennis Schroder and Harrison Barnes

Big Fails

SF DeMarre Carrol - I don't expect to scores more points, although he will have rebounds and assists. I will take D. Green and P. Pierce for today contest.

$6.100 (FanDuel)

PF Paul Millsap - He is not playing well on the home court, and he will play against Nene and Gortat. Is that a big problem for him?

$8.500 (FanDuel)

Also Consider: Kyle Korver and Jeff Teague

Good Luck!!!