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Daily Basketball Fantasy 2015: LeBron James against the Bulls

Photo Source: David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

Photo Source: David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

Last night the Grizzlies showed how sharp their claws are, making the Warriors look like kindergarten. Also, without John Wall the Wizards had no chance against Atlanta, and now both series are tied.

We have two games: Bulls vs. Cavs and Clippers vs. Rockets.

The Raging Bulls stomped poor Cavaliers, mainly by using unstoppable pick-n-roll between Rose and Gasol. With Shumpert, Thompson and Mozgov on the floor the Cavs practically have two and a half players less in the offense and they badly miss J.R. Smith.

The Clippers scores 75 points combined from Crawford, Redick, Rivers and Barnes in Game 1 on the road. There are better chances to see Omer Asik winning NBA scoring crown than this happening again.

You have the standard contest for today.


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The High Expectations

James Harden: After finishing second in MVP race and playing below his capabilities in Game 1, The Beard will be highly motivated to prove himself.

$10.000 (FanDuel)

Lebron James: The Cavs are down 0-1, and their franchise player must play big tonight in order to prevent another loss that could have possibly been fatal for them.

$11.500 (FanDuel)

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Pau Gasol: Pau dominated in the first game (21/10/4/4), and he is simply too smart and skilled for Thompson and Mozgov.

$8.500 (FanDuel)

The Moneyball

J.J. Redick: Clippers’ guard is averaging 14.1 ppg in the postseason while shooting 44,4% from the field and 41,9% from downtown. Despite Paul’s absence, Redick will continue to provide sharpshooting and bunch of 3-pointers.

$5.000 (FanDuel)

Josh Smith: In the series against the Mavericks J-Smoove reminded us how good player he is. He was shooting accurately, grabbing boards and creating in the post for the Rockets. After a poor performance in the series opener, Smith will bounce back.

$6.200 (FanDuel)

Timofey Mozgov: He scored 9 points with 4 rebounds in the Game 1 versus Chicago. It is hard to play against Noah, Gasol, Gibson and Mirotić, but the Russian Tower will be at least around double-double tonight.

$4.500 (FanDuel)

Big Fails

Joakim Noah:  Jo went scoreless in Game 1 and is averaging just 5.6 ppg in the playoffs. Avoid him in your fantasy teams.

$5.500 (FanDuel)

Trevor Ariza: Houston’s swingman is one of the best 3&D options in the league, and he filled stat line in Game 1, but he must focus on defense now, especially if Chris Paul plays. Harden and Howard are there for scoring.

$6.200 (FanDuel)

Good Luck!!!