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Daily Basketball Fantasy 2015: Ideal FanDuel Lineup For May 8

Photo Source: J Pat Carter/Associated Press

Photo Source: J Pat Carter/Associated Press

The Clippers never made it to the Conference Finals since joining NBA league in 1970 as the Buffalo Braves. They’ve had some great players, but the Clippers are symbol of failure and disappointment.

Will Chris Paul and Blake Griffin under the tutelage od Doc Rivers change that? Their rivals Rockets are two-time NBA champions and this year is the 20th anniversary of their second title. Are Harden and Howard good enough to replicate Clyde Drexler’s and Hakeem Olajuwon’s success?

Bitter rivals, the Bulls and Cavaliers are looking to take Game 3, which is in Larry Bird’s opinion the most important game in every playoff series. Loose cannon J.R. Smith is coming back, and he will indeed destroy somebody; the question is will that be Chicago or his team? Are the Cavaliers strong enough to tame the Bulls?

Again, you have the standard contest for today. 


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The High Expectations

James Harden: The Beard must continue to produce huge numbers. He had 32 points and 7 assists in Game 2.

$10.000 (FanDuel)

Blake Griffin: Blake is the best player in the playoffs so far. He already posted 3 triple-doubles, which is astonishing. Look forward to new impressive performances from the Clippers superstar.

$11.300 (FanDuel)

Jimmy Butler: Jimmy was just named Most Improved Player for the season, and he is coming from the average previous game (3 rebounds and assists combined). The home crowd will motivate him.

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$8.900 (FanDuel)

The Moneyball

Tristan Thompson: Tristan lived up to expectations in Game 2 versus Chicago, anchoring Cleveland’s defense and securing boards. Without Love, he will continue to play good.

$5.300 (FanDuel)

J.J. Redick: With ot without Paul, J.J. is the safe bet for fantasy players. He is a light out shooter and reliable scorer.

$5.000 (FanDuel)

Terrence Jones: After the ugly series opener, T-Jones had 10 points and 8 rebounds in Game 2. There is no reason he wouldn’t post similar stats again.

$4.000 (FanDuel)

Big Fails

Joakim Noah: The Bulls center is obviously struggling. This is his worst form since sophomore campaign with Chicago.

$5.500 (FanDuel)

Kyrie Irving: This is a high risk, high reward move. You should pick Rose, Butler, Harden od CP3 (if he plays) ahead od Kyrie for tonight.

$9.500 (FanDuel)

Good Luck!!!