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Daily Basketball Fantasy 2015: FanDuel or DraftKings?

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We have seen two buzzer-beaters in the Cavaliers-Bulls series heading to Game 5, made by two superstars. Despite ugly and sometimes erratic style of play and pace, this series has the potential to go all the way to decisive Game 7.

On the other hand, the Rockets are facing elimination tonight. Once called the Clutch City and feared throughout NBA because of their durability and toughness, nowadays Houston looks like the scattered orchestra. All while Chris Paul is playing with, at most, 60% of his capabilities. McHale must find a way to stop Griffin’s domination and Redick’s red-hot shooting sprees.


1. You have only on FanDuel fantastic offer for tonight - $250K Tue NBA MEGA Layup, for $5.

2. If you want to play on DraftKings, you have NBA $100K SHARPSHOOTER, entry is $3.

The High Expectations

James Harden: The Rockets fell in a 1-3 hole against the Clippers, and their franchise player must help them avoid another early playoff exit.

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LeBron James: LeBron made game-winner at the United Center in Game 4 and right now momentum is on the Cavaliers side.

Jimmy Butler: Rose had 2 stellar performances in Chicago while Butler shot 8/21 in the previous game. It’s his turn to carry the burden.

The Moneyball

J.J. Redick: As long as he is available and not injured, Redick is your man.

Trevor Ariza: Houston’s wing is maybe the sole bright spot in the Rockets squad, averaging 15 ppg and 7 rpg in 4 games versus LAC.

Mike Dunleavy: Dun-Dun scored series-low 4 points in Game 4. Following his hot and cold nights, the Cavaliers will be burned tonight.

Big Fails

Kyrie Irving: His foot is causing him serious pain and contains Kyrie more than Chicago’s defense. He is still capable od dropping 30 points, but it’s way more possible to see him struggle again.

Joakim Noah: Bulls’ center had 0 assists and shot 4/12 in the previous contest in 37 minutes of action. He grabbed 15 rebounds, but considering his high price it is better to pick DeAndre Jordan, Dwight Howard, Timofey Mozgov or even low-cost option Taj Gibson.