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Daily Basketball Fantasy 2015: Best DraftKings Selections for May 9


It was announced that John Wall has five non-displaced fractures in his left hand and wrist like he went 1-on-1 fight versus Iron Man or at least Wladimir Klitschko. Without him, Wizards’ magic disappears, and Atlanta is simply too good to be defeated when the opponent’s best player is not there.

The Grizzlies won Game 2, and now they hold the home-court advantage. Play against Tony Allen, Mike Conley, Nick Calathes, Jeff Green, Courtney Lee, Zach Randolph and Marc Gasol is the worst nightmare for the Warriors. They can’t impose their pace and rhythm, and if the Grizzlies get some 3-pointers from the backcourt, this could easily be another win for them.


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The High Expectations

Jeff Teague: Without John Wall and duty to chase him down, Teague will have much more freedom in his game. It’s time for his slash&kick show.

$7.000 (DraftKings)

Zach Randolph: Draymond Green is a terrific defender, but his size disadvantage compared to Z-Bo (201/206 cm, 107 kg/122 kg) can not be overlooked. Randolph is a way to experienced to not use this in his favor.

$7.300 (DraftKings)

Steph Curry: Both Curry and Thompson can’t be shut down again like in the previous game, and league’s MVP is safer to bet on a huge game.

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$10.600 (DraftKings)

The Moneyball

DeMarre Carroll: DMC is an absolute beast in the playoffs and with his low price he is a no-brainer for fantasy players.

$7.200 (DraftKings)

Ramon Sessions: Ramon had a great game in Atlanta, and he will again get serious minutes in Wall’s absence.

$4.600 (DraftKings)

Courtney Lee: In the postseason Lee is averaging 15.7 ppg with 58% FG shooting and 50% from downtown. Do you need more reasons to pick him up for your team?

$4.800 (DraftKings)

Big Fails

Klay Thompson: The Grindfather Allen makes life miserable for Thompson, player who isn’t exactly known to create for himself. Don’t look at Curry for help because he has his own troubles.

$7.400 (DraftKings)

Good Luck!!!