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Daily Basketball Fantasy 2015: Best DraftKings Players for May 11

Photo Source: Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Photo Source: Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Last three nights, we saw three buzzer-beaters. First, it was Derrick Rose, then Paul Pierce and finally LeBron James.

Are you ready for a Buzzer-Beater in the Daily Fantasy Basketball?

Golden State Warriors - must win tonight. But, ask Zach Randolph what he thinks about that.

Atlanta Hawks - they must win tonight, too. I will give you just one answer: "I called game". That would be enough.

Ok, today we have two games, and you already know the schedule. We are going forward because you have two great contest for tonight.


1. FanDuel is hosting $250K Mon NBA MEGA Layup, for $5.

2. DraftKings has NBA $100K SHARPSHOOTER, entry is $3.

The High Expectations

Steph Curry: It is time for current MVP to show up and put big numbers against ''All-Defensive 1st Team''. Curry is frustrated, but he must find way to answer the bell and keep Golden State in life.

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Zach Randolph: He is in a beast mode for awhile. Golden State did not find solution to contain him, so expect a lot of balls for him again.

Bradley Beal: After John Wall injury, Beal is go to guy for the Wizards. Expect great all-around game and hope he can lift your fantasy team for some reasonable price.

The Moneyball

DeMarre Carroll: Moneyball is his middle name. He had some physical problems last game as Atlanta used their bench for almost whole second half, but he will bounce back very quick.

Kyle Korver: Time for Kyle to drop 20+ pts? He has been quiet in this series and his explosion is key for Atlanta success.

Otto Porter Jr: Biggest story of the playoff right now, he became most important player for the Wizards off the bench and his minutes are on the rise, definitely worth of risk.

Big Fails

Paul Millsap: Main reason to pick him is high price and concern about the flu. I'm not sure he will justify expectations…

Ramon Sessions: He had a great first game as a starter. In the second game he shows regression, and now Hawks are ready for him.

I wish you all the best in the daily fantasy contest.

Who would you choose in your fantasy lineups?