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Daily Basketball Fantasy 2015: Best DraftKings Picks for May 10

Dwight Howard Hawks

All lower seed teams have a 2-1 lead in their respective playoff series. Second and third from this year’s MVP race are in trouble. Will James Harden make the difference for Houston and give them back home-court advantage? Can Lebron James outplay Butler on both sides and help the Cavaliers tie the series?

Whose ghost possessed Austin Rivers, Kobe’s or Wade’s?

This is do-or-die games for the Rockets and Cavs. It is unimaginable that the Clippers or Bulls could potentially slop over and lose three games in a row if they win tonight.


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The High Expectations

Lebron James: With his Cavaliers facing potential 3-1 gap in the series, and Kyrie Irving being slowed down because of unpleasant injury, Lebron simply must step up tonight and fill the stat line.

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Dwight Howard: Superman looks like himself from the Orlando days. Which means he is the best center in NBA. 20/15 performance is quite realistic.

Derrick Rose: Former league MVP hit the game-winner in Game 3, while also scoring 30 points and 7 rebounds and assists a piece. Rose is fearless once again and Cleveland’s defense will suffer.

The Moneyball

J.J. Redick: Jonathan Clay erupted for 31 points in the previous game, being the main offensive weapon for the Clippers. R3dick is a blue chip for fantasy games.

Taj Gibson: With uncertainity surrounding Pau Gasol and his appearance tonight, Gibson is the one to fill his shoes and contribute for the Bulls.

Josh Smith: Harden and Howard will get their stats, but the Rockets need big plays from their role players. J-Smoove should enjoy good game behind his superstar teammates.

Big Fails

J.R. Smith: If you have to depend on Smith to win the playoff game, you are in trouble. Just ask Carmelo Anthony.

DeAndre Jordan: Jordan can match Howard’s rebounding and blocks, but he can’t do the same when we talk about scoring. His assignment is to contain Howard and Jones and Smith.