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Creating The Most Unstoppable And Perfect Point Guard

Fadeaway World

Fadeaway World

The point guard position is perhaps the most important spot in the hardwood for any basketball team, as the point guard is the main responsible for the offensive flow of the team, and the guy supposed to orchestrate almost every move.

More often than not, the point guard works as the team leader and as an extension of the coach, calling different sets and pointing their teammates in any given direction to try and make the most of opposing defenses’ liabilities.

Over the course of history, we’ve seen some outstanding ball handlers like John Stockton and Magic Johnson, who have completely taken the league for assault with their ability to make their teammates better and always hit them up in the best possible position they can be.

Here at Fadeaway World, we’re heading to the lab, and we’re going to try and build the perfect playmaker in the world, taking some features out of the best point guards in the Association right now. So buckle up and enjoy as we walk you through our perfect pg.

Handles - Kyrie Irving

Kyrie Irving may have the best handles in basketball history and we’re not overstating this. Uncle Drew is just a master of the crossover and an unguardable player with the ability to shake off as much as 4 defenders on his way to the rim.

With this kind of handles, Irving has proven to be one of the most skilled players when it comes to shooting layups, being able to put a lot of juice into them to the point where they look like trick shots.

Basketball IQ - Tony Parker

Tony ParkerTony Parker has been running the San Antonio Spurs’ offense for 16 straight seasons, and considering we’re talking about perhaps the most perfect offensive system in modern basketball, you’ve got to give it to him as one of the smartest ballers out there.

The Spurs feature an extra pass offense and Tony Parker always makes the most of every chance he gets to find an open teammate and get the best possible shot, making their offense flow like no other and constantly catch defenders sleeping on switches.

Athleticism - Russell Westbrook

Well, the fact that Russell Westbrook is able to grab 11 or 12 boards with great ease on a nightly basis really says a lot about his hops and athleticism, as he’s always able to contour his body into a forest of bigger players to make the most of his position despite his size.

Westbrook is perhaps the most athletic player in the league besides Giannis Antetokounmpo right now, and he proves so every time he drives through the lane to try and crash the rim, either laying it up on a gymnastics kind of way or dunking it with authority over bigger defenders.

Discipline - Kyle Lowry

Kyle Lowry is one of the most disciplined players you’ll find in the Association, always keeping a low profile despite being one of the league’s perennial All-Stars and one of the leaders of the surging Toronto Raptors.

Through his career, he’s only averaged 2.7 personal fouls per game despite having to guard players like Steph Curry, Kyrie Irving, John Wall and Russell Westbrook, being a very locked in player in both ends of the floor for most of the time. As a matter of fact, he’s even dealt with the fact that his coach has benched him down the stretch when he’s not playing at his best late in games.

Speed - John Wall

If you make John Wall run against a cheetah, Wall’s very likely to beat him. There’s no faster player in the league than the Washington Wizards’ point guard, who’s able to single-handedly lead a fast break in the blink of an eye.

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Wall can make a play in the defensive end of the floor and just take off before anyone can catch him, and even if there’s a defender waiting for him in the lane, he seems to have eyes in the back of his head to always find the trailing teammate.

Shooting - Stephen Curry

We’ve got a total no-brainer here, as Stephen Curry’s hands down the best shooter in the history of this game, and it’s not even close. Ever since entering the league, he’s crashed every record for three-pointers, and it doesn’t seem like he’s slowing down anytime soon.

Curry can knock down threes as if they were freebies, and he’s one of the smoothest shooters this game has ever seen. His quick release and high release point make his shots unblockable as he just knocks them down on a ratio defenders can’t fathom, and his offensive repertoire is just off the charts.

Defense - Chris Paul

Despite being known mostly for his offense, Chris Paul is one of the best backcourt defenders of modern basketball, something like the second coming of John Stockton, as he’s led the league in steals in 6 different seasons.

CP3 has also made it to 9 All-Defensive squads and is a reckless defender. Also, his quick hands and ability to go through screens make him a nightmare for some of the most skilled scorers in the world.

Hustle - Patrick Beverley

Through most of his Houston Rockets tenure, Patrick Beverley was on the court for one mere reason: his hustle. With James Harden handling most of the playmaking duties, Beverley was thrown out to the hardwood as a fierce dog that wouldn’t back down from anybody.

Patrick has made a name for himself as a crafty and pesky player that always gets in the head of his opponents with his trash talking and suffocating defense, and he’s even made it to a couple of All-Defensive squads despite his low profile.

Passing - Rajon Rondo

During his Boston Celtics tenure, Rajon Rondo was perhaps the best passer in the world, and the ultimate pass-first kind of point guard any coach would thrive to have on his team, posting three consecutive seasons of more than 11 assists per game and recording over 6 thousand career assists in 9 seasons.

As a matter of fact, Rondo recently showed a glance of his former self a couple of days ago, recording a 25 assist game, something that may look unbearable for most basketball players that have ever made it into the Association.

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Clutch Mentality - Damian Lillard

And when the clutch time arrives, you definitely want Damian Lillard in the hardwood, as they don’t call it Lillard time for anything. Dame is pretty much a reptile with ice on his veins that isn’t afraid to take the big shot when it matters the most.

Ever since entering the league, Lillard has been quite impressive due to his confidence and sweet touch during crunch time, being mostly remembered for that incredible shot from way downtown that knocked the Houston Rockets out of the playoffs a couple of seasons ago.