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Chicago Bulls: The Future 1 or 2

Chicago Bulls Future

Jimmy Butler was the best player in the Chicago Bulls in the last two seasons. He is, after Kawhi Leonard, the 2nd best two-way player in the league.

But, at this moment... Chicago Bulls are going through the rebuilding, and that is a reason why they thinking about Jimmy Butler and what they can get for him.

Just take a moment and look the Bulls roster.

- Joakim Noah will not return in Chicago Bulls and he will probably sign for Minnesota Timberwolves because of Tom Thibodeau.

- Pau Gasol is a free agent and I think that he will sign for San Antonio Spurs. Chicago Bulls will have only Taj Gibson and Bobby Portis in the frontcourts.

- Nikola Mirotic will probably stay and he can play on the SF/PF position. Also, Doug McDermott can cover SG/SF, but they can trade him with Jimmy Butler or Derrick Rose.

- Derrick Rose, after many injuries, finally played more than 60 games in the season, but he had only 16.4 points per game with 3.4 rebounds and 4.7 assists. Let's be honest, nobody knows how far Derrick Rose can get in the next season and I completely understand the Bulls' front office if they decide to trade him instead of Jimmy Butler. But, the moment is not good, because he has now the lowest value in his career.

And finally, Chicago Bulls have Jimmy Butler in their roster. He is among the Top 5 shooting guards in the league right now (Klay Thompson, James Harden, DeMar DeRozan and Dwyane Wade).

If they want to rebuild the squad, is it a good decision to trade both - Jimmy Butler and Derrick Rose, or they should build the roster around Jimmy Butler?

Chicago Bulls missed the opportunity to trade Joakim Noah and Taj Gibson last season and they now have a big problem. They can't win a title even with Jimmy Butler and Derrick Rose. And who will sign and play in Chicago Bulls next season? They also missed an opportunity to try with Carmelo Anthony, when momentum was a good. The Bulls have the same problem like Los Angeles Lakers. Nobody will sign with them at this moment.

What is the future for the Bulls? The last time they won a title was with Michael Jordan 18 years ago. How many years fans should wait for the NBA Finals, at least?

The Future 1 - Bulls with Jimmy Butler and Derrick Rose

Let us assume that Chicago Bulls will not trade either Jimmy Butler or Derrick Rose. They will have a good backcourt and they will try to add the players on the SF/PF and C positions.

Jimmy Butler and Derrick Rose will not stay in the team if Chicago Bulls don't improve a roster, so they will try to add the All-Star players and convince them that they can win a title next season.

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In that case, they must take a risk and trade almost every player to get the superstar in their team. They can try to trade Nikola Mirotic, Doug McDermott and even Bobby Portis.

Who will take them and what they can get for them? Hm... maybe they try for Carmelo Anthony? New York will get three young players and they can build the roster around Kristaps Porzings.

Chicago Bulls will get Carmelo Anthony, and if they convince Pau Gasol to stay in their team, the future roster will be: Derrick Rose, Jimmy Butler, Carmelo Anthony and Pau Gasol. That is a good first step for them, but I think that this will not happen. Even if they have this roster, nobody can't guarantee a title for Chicago Bulls. Pau Gasol and Carmelo Anthony are not on their prime. Derrick Rose is as always questionable and they will have only Jimmy Butler in their squad.

The Conclusion: The Bulls don't have a future with Jimmy Butler and Derrick Rose because they can't sign a good player and they will never win a title without an another superstar in their roster. They should trade one of them and take a risk.

The Future 2 - Without Jimmy Butler and Derrick Rose

If I were the GM of Chicago Bulls, I would pull a trigger and trade both players.

My first offer would be to trade Jimmy Butler and Derrick Rose in the Philadelphia 76ers. If I can get the 1st pick in the NBA Draft 2016 and Nerlens Noel, I would accept that. Why?

Because I will have a future with young players and I will clean my cap space with almost $37.000.000,00.

I will select Brandon Ingram (1st pick) and Dejounte Murray (14th pick) and I will offer Nikola Mirotic (I don't like his defense) for 20-30th pick and selected Thon Maker.

So far, I have very realistic moves and everyone would accept my offers.

The Bulls squad will have Brandon Ingram (SF), Dejounte Murray (PG/SG), Nerlens Noel (PF/C) and Thon Maker (PF/C) and Bobby Portis (C).

I will need only a point guard and the most important, I will have an empty cap space and I can sign almost every player in the league.

And who will not accept to play with four young players? Ok, maybe Kevin Durant will not sign for Chicago Bulls, but I can try to sign Harrison Barnes this summer and Russell Westbrook in summer 2017.

Imagine that, the Bulls fans? Why not pull a trigger and take a risk?

18 years without the NBA Championship, 18 years without the NBA Finals. The Bulls had so many great players and so many mistakes, why not to try with the youngest and most perspective roster in the next 5 years?

What do you think? Trade and take a risk or just spend years with a very questionable future?