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Charles Barkley as General Manager: Top 5 Potential Destinations

Charles Barkley GM

It’s not a secret that the former Philadelphia 76er, Phoenix Sun, and Houston Rocket Charles Barkley wants to become a General Manager of an NBA Team, as he even waited to get a GM role before resigning his contract with TNT a couple of seasons ago.

Chuck is definitely one of the all-time greats, and even if he never won an NBA ring, his lifetime averages of 22.1 points, 11.7 boards, and 3.9 dimes on 54.1 percent shooting and his toughness earned him a spot in the list of the best power forwards to ever suit up for an NBA team, even despite his apparent overweight and lack of height against pretty much every single one of his rivals.

Besides, he’s continued to be one of the most active NBA figures in the world since his retirement, although his current job is pretty much based around talking smack about almost everybody and generating polarizing debates that aren’t always appreciated by the fans or the players.

So, not being one of the most charismatic people in the world, Chuck would definitely love to be behind closed doors in an office making some moves for his teams, as you know he’s quite a gambler. Having said that, let’s imagine for a second that he actually gets a GM job. But which would be the best 5 teams for him to work on? Let’s wonder...

Los Angeles Clippers

We all know Chuck’s character and we can be totally sure that he won’t hesitate to do anything he needs to do to bring this team to Championship contention, even if that means to get rid of one of the team’s biggest stars.

Chuck, as harsh as he is, wouldn’t blink an eye to trade Blake Griffin, as the Clippers have proven to be quite capable of winning without the All-Star power forward, whose defense has always been quite mediocre at best, bringing Jimmy Buckets (for Blake Griffin) to the Staples Center to create a new big 3 alongside Chris Paul and DeAndre Jordan.

Los Angeles Clippers never played in the NBA Finals, and maybe Charles Barkley can help them, why not?

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Los Angeles Lakers

Even if he wasn’t much of a fan favorite here, Chuck could snub Magic Johnson’s office and be quite aggressive to dress the NBA trophy back in purple and gold, getting rid of some of the most questioned rookies to bring more proven players aboard and get back to domination.

So, the scapegoat could once again be the starting power forward, as Chuck would practically give away Julius Randle and Brandon Ingram in order to get a star like Paul George or even Butler, pairing him with D’Angelo Russell, whose development has stalled a lot during his second campaign as the starting point guard, or he could get rid of Jordan Clarkson and Denver’s second rounder to bring PG-13 to LA, considering the fact that the All-Star allegedly wants to play for the Lakers.

Russell, Butler, George and Zubac... it's a very promising starting lineup for the LA.

Philadelphia 76ers

Even if this goes totally against Barkley’s mentality, he would take a gamble (ha) and wait for another year in the lottery, tanking yet another year to let the rookies and sophomores develop while acquiring another highly desired prospect and even some other proven guys from overseas, like Saric or Chacho.

Of course, that’ll be best if he finally finds a suitor willing to take Jahlil Okafor for at least a couple of picks, as the second-year center hasn’t improved and doesn’t impress anybody with his non-existent defense and his out of date post game, and he’ll never take Joel Embiid’s starting spot.

Brooklyn Nets

The Brooklyn Nets need a major overhaul and Chuck’s the right guy to pull the trigger, considering he doesn’t like to do much thinking or talking, and he’ll finally let Brook Lopez go instead of just wandering around about his availability, as the Nets have done over the last couple of seasons.

This team desperately needs picks and needs to focus on their future, so Barkley would exchange Lopez for at least a couple of second rounders, although there’s not much to do for a team that risked their entire franchise to rent 3 washed up players that didn’t even take them to the Eastern Conference Finals.

Phoenix Suns

This would actually be the perfect fit for Barkley, considering the fact that he’s arguably the best player to ever play in the desert, maybe alongside Nash. The Suns are in a pretty encouraging position right now, with a lot of promising youngsters like Devin Booker, TJ Warren, Derrick Jones Jr, Marquese Chris, Dragan Bender and Alex Len, so they only need a couple of veteran pieces to try to make a playoff push while the youngsters develop.

So, Brandon Knight and Eric Bledsoe would be on their way out to try and sign a star or at least a more capable supporting cast than the washed up bodies of Jared Dudley, Leandro Barbosa and Tyson Chandler, creating one of the most interesting and threatening teams for the future in the Western Conference.


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