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Carmelo Joins LeBron, Others, In Exclusive NBA Club


For most NBA players, their stardom didn't happen right away. Usually, it takes time for a player to really show their worth. And while no player is as valuable as their first game may show, almost all show some signs of improvememnt as time rolls on.

For an exclusive bunch of NBA superstars, their time was always there. Sure, their first season wasn't their best season. But from day one, they managed to play at a level most other players could only dream of.

What's this club entail? It's a list of players that have never averaged under 20 points per game for a single season throughout their entire career. Obviously, for these guys, they've been in the league for a number of years already. So the fact that they accomplished this amazing feat really shows how good they are.

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Thanks to Reddit user "Morezingis," we know the 5 stars in that club: Michael Jordan, LeBron James, Kevin Durant, Bob Pettit, and Carmelo Anthony. Jordan's lowest season was 20.0 points per game, Durant's lowest was 20.3, Pettit's lowest was 20.4, Carmelo's lowest equalled 20.8, and LeBron's lowest was 20.9.

For all five guys, they've had long careers. The fact that they've been so consistent for so long proves their consistent and undeniable greatness.