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Bulls Coaching Staff Wanted To Draft Draymond Green In 2012 With 29th Pick

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Fadeaway World

Ever since the 2015 NBA Finals, Draymond Green has been on a meteoric rise through the ranks of the NBA.

The man has a Defensive Player of the Year award under his belt, as well as two championships and two All-Star selections.

So as of now, every single team that passed on the 35th overall pick back in 2012 is looking quite silly.

One of those teams who are especially regretting not selecting Green in the first round are the Chicago Bulls.

According to a story written by Zach Lowe for Grantland about the Golden State Warriors' pursuit of Kevin Love from Minnesota, and eventually lucking into drafting Draymond Green, he includes a quote from former Bulls' assistant coach and current Warriors' assistant coach, Ron Adams.

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"That group includes (Ron) Adams, who pushed the Bulls to draft Green in 2012 when he worked as Tom Thibodeau’s lead assistant. 'As a coaching staff, we were very disappointed we didn’t get him,'" Adams said, adding Green was a "Chicago kind of guy."

Green entered the 2012 NBA Draft as a late first-round prospect. After four years at Michigan State, his skillset was considered a 'jack-of-all-trades', doing everything well, but not excelling in one particular area, apart from his outstanding defense of course.

That sort of scouting report was music to Bulls' coach Tom Thibodeau's ears, as he loved defensive players who played with intensity.

Yet, the upcoming season for Chicago was an uncertain one, as Derrick Rose was expected to miss a large portion of the year with a torn ACL. That meant that the Bulls' front office opted to go for a point guard to fill in the gaps, selecting Kentucky freshman Marquis Teague with the No. 29 pick.

Three years later, Teague is out of the NBA, most recently playing in the D-League. Meanwhile, Draymond Green has just won his second NBA championship, as well as his first Defensive Player of the Year award, and is considered the most important player on a squad consisting of Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant.

This isn't to say Draymond would've become the player he is today while in Chicago, as Golden State's outstanding player development has helped him in some way or another, but it's still fun to think 'what if.'