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Breaking: Gordon Hayward Joins The Boston Celtics

Breaking: Gordon Hayward Joins The Boston Celtics

Attention basketball world! Gordon Hayward has finally made his decision.

As news broke just moments ago, the 2017 All-Star has officially decided to sign with the Boston Celtics. The deal consists of 4 years. In the end, the choices came down to Boston, Miami and Utah. With dominoes waiting to fall, this was no doubt a big decision for the NBA.

With a lot of stars heading West this offseason, it looked like LeBron was going to cakewalk his way through the Eastern Conference yet again. But with Hayward and Isaiah Thomas leading the way, the Celtics could be primed to make a serious run.

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Seems like Boston has one more thing to cheer about this Fourth of July weekend, and it could lead to so much more down the road.