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Boston Celtics: The Potential 2016 NBA Free Agency Targets

Photo by Matt West

Photo by Matt West

When I check the Celtics roster, I can see so many guards without any idea - what is Danny Ainge' vision and where they are going?

GUARDS Isaiah Thomas PG, Terry Rozier PG, Marcus Smart PG, Demetrius Jackson PG (rookie), Avery Bradley SG, James Young SG, R.J. Hunter, SG

WINGS Jae Crowder SF, John Holland SG/SF, Jaylen Brown SF (rookie), Abdel Nader SF (rookie).

BIGS Amir Johnson PF, Jordan Mickey PF, Jared Sullinger PF, Jonas Jerebko PF, Kelly Olynk PF, Guerschon Yabusele PF (rookie), Ben Bentil PF (rookie), Tyler Zeller C, Ante Zizic, C (rookie).

We don't know yet about Evan Turner' decision, but I don't think so he will return to Boston Celtics. He has better options and he will probably sign with contenders like Golden State Warriors, Oklahoma City Thunder or maybe New York Knicks (I can't call them a contender, even with Derrick Rose).

What are the real options for the Celtics and what we can expect from them in the NBA Free Agency 2016?

First, they selected Jaylen Brown and they should try with him in the starting lineup. That means they will probably try to trade Jae Crowder.

The starting lineup for the next season: Isaiah Thomas, Avery Bradley, Jaylen Brown, Amir Johnson, Tyler Zeller.

We can't expect anything special from them except the 1st round exit.

The only option for the Celtics is to try to sign the All-Star players or to trade their picks. Who is the real target in the NBA Free Agency 2016?

Kevin Durant

I don't want to write that this is a possible option. He will not sign with Celtics, because he wants to win an NBA title right now.

Hassan Whiteside

They can offer him the max contract, but they will have competitions: Los Angeles Lakers, Miami Heat and even Golden State Warriors.

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To be honest, this is not a real target. Hassan could get money and to play with the better team than Boston Celtics. He will not sign with Boston Celtics.

Al Horford

Yes, he is the real target. He could bring them more All-Star players in the future, because everyone wants to play with Al Horford. He is the top 10 centers in the NBA and he knows how to play in the system. With Brad Stevens and philosophy of Boston Celtics, he can fit there very well.

The max offer? Yes, of course. He deserves that and Celtics doesn't have another option to offer him.

Harrison Barnes

He could be a big boost for a young roster. But, we know what he wants - max offer and starting lineup. Boston Celtics have Jaylen Brown there and that could be a mini problem.

Also, he is not a superstar, but he is a good two-way player. Is Harrison Barnes worth the max? But, the market will decide about that. Every team overpaid free agents, and that is a common mistake.

DeMar DeRozan

Toronto Raptors shooting guard DeMar DeRozan does not plan to schedule meetings with other teams at the start of free agency, opting to focus on working out a contract to return to the Eastern Conference finalists, a source told

"My mindset has always been Toronto," DeRozan told reporters the day after the Raptors were eliminated by the Cleveland Cavaliers. "I've always preached it. I was passionate about it when we were losing, when we were terrible. I said I was going to stick through this whole thing, and I want to be that guy who brings this organization to where it is now. I definitely don't want to switch that up after we win."

Boston Celtics: The Future

They have a very good coach and the top 5 fans in the NBA. The Celtics have 4 picks in the NBA Draft 2017 and they will have the own pick from the next season. Danny Ainge has a plan, but I don't think so that they are moving in the good direction. Why?

They don't have a superstar and if we look to the past, they won only one title in the last 30 years and they won with the Big Three - Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen. Don't forget Rajon Rondo, also.

Boston Celtics have so many solid players, but they don't have a leader on the court. Danny Ainge should take a risk and try with trades this off-season.

Per Racine Journal Times' Gary Woelfel, Boston and Milwaukee are still considering a trade to send Kris Middleton to the Celtics. Bucks want to include Greg Monroe in this trade and Boston will try to send 2017 Draft picks plus some players like Avery Bradley or even Marcus Smart. That could be a nice move by Boston Celtics, why not?

In the Eastern Conference, you can't play against LeBron James and Cleveland Cavaliers without an All-Star players. Also, we have Toronto Raptors and New York Knicks with Carmelo Anthony and Derrick Rose. I will not forget to mention Miami Heat with Dwyane Wade, Hassan Whiteside, Goran Dragic and Chris Bosh.

Boston, it's your decision. Fans want to see the Big Three as soon as possible, but how to find three superstars in the next 2 seasons?