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Blake Griffin in Boston Celtics?


NBA Free Agency's most interesting part is over. There are some free agents that haven't signed yet, but they will do it in a next few days. Trades are now on the timetable. One major three-team trade that can happen next is unbelievable. According to Keith Smith in this trade are involved Boston Celtics, Sacramento Kings, and Los Angeles Clippers.

If this trade occurs, Blake Griffin will go to the Celtics, Rudy Gay will go to the Clippers and Jae Crowder will go to the Kings. Also, there are other pieces involved in the trade like rookies, picks, other players and so on. We don't know the exact details of this possible trade, but looking at the current assumption, the absolute winner will be the Boston.

Getting Griffin for Jae Crowder and maybe for a couple of picks will be an amazing deal for Danny Ainge. He is a perfect piece for the Celtics. Attractive player, with great numbers and great passing abilities. His shooting percentage are also very good and most of all he is 27 now. We wrote an article for possible Kevin Durant “Blown Away” after four-hour meeting with the Clippers

" target="_blank">Kevin Durant's signing for LAC that Paul, Griffin, and Jordan are untouchable in the Clippers, but it seems that maybe something changed. Maybe Blake had one more fight with the LAC staff.

One thing that we just can't forget is that the Celtics just acquired Al Horford! Frontcourt duo Griffin - Horford will be the best duo in the whole NBA next season. Isaiah Thomas as a point guard and Avery Bradley as a shooting guard. The small forward position will be empty if Crowder leaves the Beantown. There is Jaylen Brown on the SF, but he is too young and also he hasn't shown very much in the NBA Summer League, so we are waiting to see more from this young guy.

How will this trade affect other two teams?

Sacramento Kings have a solid team that will be somewhere between 10-12 seed if something doesn't change in the future. I respect Kings, because of their team from the beginning of the 2000s, but their management is a shit. Vlade Divac was a great player, but as a GM he is a chump.

Firstly, you trade Marquees Chriss for Bogdan Bogdanovic and 2 picks. At the start that was like a win-win for both teams and couple moments after, Kings suddenly chose two centers. Ok, check Kings roster. Center position. First center - DeMarcus Cousins, reserve center - Willie Caulley-Stein and third center Kosta Koufos. Ok, Divac are you insane? DMC the best center in the league right now, Willie is a huge talent that needs to explode this season. Why do you draft Papagiannis and Labiessiere?

Bogdan Bogdanovic is a very nice player, that improved so much in last season, but he will not come in the NBA this season. And you gave an amazing power forward rookie for these three players. I got nervous when I start thinking about this stupid move. I would say the worst trade in the Draft night! Even Cousins reacted on the Twitter:

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I understand you, man!

If they bring Crowder and some decent backcourt player this trade will be a good deal for Kings. Otherwise, Divac will blow it like many times before.

And finally the Clippers. Honestly, I think that this is the last season for Clippers to do something remarkably. Chris Paul is entering his last year of a contract, Jamal Crawford is 36, JJ Reddick is 32, Paul Pierce is 38 and he will maybe retire this season. So, because of all this, I don't give big odds for this trade to happen.

Your team will probably fall apart next year, Chris Paul is probably going to the Brotherhood! Griffin is a free agent. Jordan isn't a free agent, but he was an inch away from signing for the Mavs last season, he can request trade any second and ruin team's chemistry. Many players are getting older and probably retiring next season. You have no incoming picks next season and your rookies from this season are not so impressive and breathtaking. You drafted Brice Johnson, David Michineau and Diamond Stone, a guy who made 10PF a couple days ago. Dave Wohl, Steve Ballmer read this!

"The biggest risk is not taking any risk... In the world that changing really quickly, the only strategy that is guaranteed to fail is not taking risks."

Next season is the last chance, these players want the rings! Clippers best franchise record is: "since we changed our name in 1984 to Los Angeles Clippers we played 4 (four) times in Conference Semifinals and we lost every time." Sports Illustrated called LAC "the worst franchise in sports history." If you want to be remembered as I repeat, "the worst franchise in sports history", ok, if not, change something and start fighting!

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