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Best Isolation Scorers in the NBA 2015/16 (Infographic)

• Best Isolation Scorers in the NBA

Everyone dreams of scoring the clutch shot, like Michael Jordan scored against Bryon Russell in the NBA Finals 1998.

Today, everyone talking about Kobe Bryant, Kevin Durant,Stephen Curry, Kyrie Irving, Carmelo Anthony, Dwyane Wade and LeBron James.

Below, you can check how they finished ISO play last season. Who do you think currently is the best ISO player in the NBA?

This is a very interesting picture, and credit goes to xxStayFly81xx from

Everyone thinks LeBron James is unstoppable when he used ISO play, but before you write anything, read things to note, and check the picture below.

Things to note:

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At least 120 isolation attempts qualify you for this, as a result, we have 40 different players here.

Some information on quadrants:

Top Left: Efficient Isolation Scorers (Doesn't take a lot of % of their shots in isolation scenarios but makes them count. )
Top Right: Volume Isolation Scorers (A large % of their attempts are isolation but still efficient enough to make it worth it.)
Bottom Left: Low Attempts and Low Efficiency (Doesn't take too many % of isolation attempts but when they do, it's really inefficient.)
Bottom Right: Please Stop Isolation (Way too high % of attempts and way too inefficient.)

Guy right under Jahil Okafor is LeBron James.

Best Isolation Scorers in the NBA 2015/16

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