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Barber Shop Talk: Episode 1 - Live Streaming and Podcast

Barber Shop Talk

Barber Shop Talk

Questions and Answers 1 - Live Streaming on the NBA 24/7


Posted by NBA 24/7 on Thursday, April 21, 2016

Ray had 262 questions in 1 hour in his first live stream, and after that, he had 67 more questions in 13 minutes. You can check the questions and interaction, just click on the Facebook button.

It was his first Live Stream and first Live Stream about NBA in the history of the Fadeaway World.

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The reach was more than 153k people in Ray' 1st and 2nd live streams.

Episode 1: All Time Great Teams

Barber Shop Talk is a weekly podcast, were Jordan and Ray just talk about basketball, in a topic of the week format. Episodes are uploaded weekly, and the topics can range from all-decade teams, to just talking about some of our favorite players.