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Are The 2017 Warriors The Greatest Team Of All-Time?


73-9, that's the number everyone was focused on.

All throughout last year's NBA regular season, the Warriors hit a pace nobody had ever seen. Night in and night out, they played with a certain passion and perfection that literally nobody has ever matched. 73-9, that was the magical number that was supposed to immortalize the Warriors forever. Instead, it became their ultimate doom.

The pressure of having such a great regular season, and the energy it took to get there, ultimately took everything from the team. In the end, they didn't have enough to finish off LeBron James. In the end, that 73-9 record didn't matter.

"The Warriors" people said, "will never be the same." Nobody could have imagined them being better than they were that year.

Yet, somehow, one year later, the Warriors have topped themselves - yet again. The day Kevin Durant left the OKC Thunder to join forces with the stars in Golden State, was the day the world knew history was going to be made.


And the world was right, even if (at times) it didn't seem like it. You see, unlike last year, the Warriors lost a few head scratchers. They faced injury issues (to their biggest star, and new arrival) and they faced scrutiny from the likes of which they'd never known. Nobody knew that they were witnessing one of the greatest seasons by one of the greatest teams in NBA History. Nobody knew, because there was no 73-9. There was just 67-15.

Heading into the playoffs, the Dubs were, of course, the heavy favorites. But not many people expected a 14-0 post-season record.

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Nobody expected the Warriors to beat the tar out of every team they faced, all without breaking a sweat. Right before our eyes, the Dubs are showing the world why 73-9 doesn't matter.

Other great teams, even those Michael Jordan teams, showed signs of vulnerability. Shaq and Kobe's Lakers (who went 12-0) started to show some vulnerability, especially once the Finals hit.

But these Warriors, what's their weakness?

You can't say defense, not with Klay Thompson locking perimeter players down, and Draymond Green patrolling the paint like a guard dog. You can't say offense, not with Stephen Curry, Kevin Durant, and pretty much 5 other players for the Warriors having the skill to make three pointers like they're wide open layups.

They have at least three clutch shooters who can show up in tight games, a coaching staff riddled with genius, and a certain chemistry about them that is unmatched by the rest of the league. There's no holes in their game, no weakness in their system.


The only thing their opponents can do is just hope and pray for a miracle. This is the reality for the rest of the league. The Warriors are simply unstoppable right now, and it doesn't appear to be ending any time soon.

Today, we are witnessing history unfold before our very eyes. 2 Games in, and 2 blowouts later, the Warriors are only two more victories away from a perfect post-season. 16-0.

It all hinges on that. If LeBron James and the Cavs can steal just one game from Golden State (just one), than all bets are off. The Warriors need perfection in order to become the Greatest. But even hard-core Warriors haters must admit, it's getting pretty close.

73-9, that's just a number now. They didn't win the ultimate prize, that record means nothing. But if they go 16-0? That's the real thing. Two more wins, just two, and the Warriors will have the only undefeated playoff record in NBA History. Whether you like it or not, the Warriors need just two more wins in the 2017 NBA Finals to become the Greatest team to ever play, and that's something nobody can deny.