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A Guide To Betting On NBA Player Prop Bets

A Guide To Betting On NBA Player Prop Bets

The National Basketball Association is the premier basketball division in the world, with all the best players gathering to play for various franchises across the United States.

Fans of basketball cannot wait for each new season to begin in the fall with teams playing 82 regular-season games before the playoffs.

The excitement of playoff basketball is unmatched with one team going on to become NBA Champions.

If you bet on the NBA last season but did not pick the Milwaukee Bucks to win the title, you may need a better betting strategy.

One of the ways that you can improve your chances of success is by utilizing NBA player prop bets. Let’s take a look at prop bets.

Understanding Player Prop Bets

The concept of a player prop bet is that you are not making a wager on the final result of the game, but on specific actions that may happen during the game.

For example, let’s say that you are looking at an upcoming game between two evenly matched teams, such as the LA Lakers and LA Clippers. You may see from past results that both these teams can beat each other on the day, which means you are going to have to get lucky with your prediction.

Rather than putting your money into a bet that is something of a lottery, you can bet on a specific action in the game. Examples of these bets include the total points for individual players, how many assists a player can get in the game, or how many rebounds they will manage.

The focus shifts from the result of the match to a specific action, which is often easier to predict. You may not be sure if the Lakers would beat the Clippers, but you can safely put money on Russell Westbrook getting at least 10 rebounds for the Lakers.

How to Bet on Individual Actions

In terms of the difficulty level of placing bets, making wagers on prop bets is even more complex than predicting results. If you are new to basketball, you have a 50:50 chance of betting on the correct team to win a game.

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When you are engaging in player prop bets, you must know the sport. These wagers often have very appealing odds, but they are only viable for the small group of people who religiously follow the sport and know all the relevant statistics.

Only a true fan of the game would know that a player like Westbrook may be a point guard, but he is an outstanding rebounder. He often gets up to grab the ball when no one is expecting him to, leaving taller players in his wake. That is why betting on him to get ten rebounds in a game is a good bet, and can make you good money during most of his regular season and playoff appearances.

Find a reliable sportsbook that offers prop bets for NBA matchups, pick games between teams that you know very well, and then bet on the individual actions you believe are nearly a sure thing. If those wagers are successful, you can be more adventurous with future prop bets.

Study Past Player Performances

One of the best ways to make money on prop bets is by studying how players performed in the past. Look at the streak of the player from the past five or ten matches to assess how many assists and points they have been managing.

Another way to analyze past performance involves assessing a player’s displays against the same team in previous seasons. Do they enjoy playing against a specific team? Are they below par against some other opponent? Knowing these facts would help you avoid costly mistakes while making prop bets.

Punters must also understand how individual players fare in specific matchups, such as playing against teams that have a lot of tall centers, or teams that have smaller forwards who can put up a lot of three-point shots.

Keep An Eye Out for Rested Players

One of the issues that can come up when you are betting on NBA action is when a team rests a star player. Even though athletes resting for certain games is common in all sports, the impact is significant in basketball.

Unlike soccer, where you have a team of 11 on the field, basketball only has five players on the court at a given moment. That is why someone like LeBron James, Kawhi Leonard, or James Harden being rested for one or two matches can drastically turn the tide in the favor of the other team.

If you are about to bet on the result of an NBA matchup or even make a prop bet such as the highest scorer of the game or the total points from both teams, check if anyone is due to be absent as a result of an injury, illness, suspension, or intentional resting.

Enjoy the Upcoming NBA Season

The 2021/2022 NBA season gets underway on October 19th, with the best teams bidding to go all the way to the playoff finals.

While the Milwaukee Bucks and their star Giannis Antetekounmpo will be hoping to go all the way again, there are many teams who want to stop the Bucks. LeBron James and Anthony Davis will be fit for the Los Angeles Lakers, while the Brooklyn Nets are looking stronger than ever this offseason.

The upcoming season could be one of the best ever, and you can enjoy the action even more by making player prop bets throughout the various regular season and playoff matchups.