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A Crazy NBA Conspiracy: The LeBron James’ Family Mystery


For the record, this crazy theory has not been proven. This conspiracy story is just a “theory” after all, so don't take it too seriously. But when you connect the dots, this admittedly far fetched scenario could have you raising an eyebrow when it’s all said and done.

At the time of LeBron’s birth, Gloria James was a 16-year-old single mother living in Akron, Ohio. As far as his Father goes, nobody quite knows the real story. Gloria does admit that the Father of LeBron James is a man named Anthony McClelland. But according to conspiracy theorists, that’s not nearly the whole story.

While a number of other guys have been rumored to be LeBron’s father (Bryce Stovell, Nate Thurmond), one strange connection puts an unexpected twist on his true identity, where two seemingly unconnected men may actually be the same guy … the father of an NBA superstar.

For Roland Bivins, he’s a name that’s been attached to LeBron by many skeptics. He attended the same High School as Gloria, where he played basketball for Central-Hower High in the early 80’s, where he is also known to have been charged with arson and theft. Close friends of Gloria and Bivins apparently claimed they dated in High School, and that Bivins resembles LeBron James’ personality and playing style. Not to mention he looks eerily similar to King James. Unfortunately for Bivins, he died in a drive-by shooting in 1994, when LeBron was just 8 years old. Thus, a young LeBron spent the rest of his childhood without a Father and eventually climbed the latter of fame.


But, as is the case with conspiracy theories, the story doesn’t end there.

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Whether through a name change or some other way, some claim Bivins is still alive through another alias. There’s a number of reasons why Bivins could want to change his identity. Since he was a few grades above Gloria’s, a potential statutory rape charge could be a factor. Or maybe the theft charges he faced earlier were making it hard for him to survive and made a name change necessary.

That’s where Anthony McClelland comes in, who Gloria outright claims is the father of LeBron. McClelland, however, seems to be a very conspicuous guy, as no pictures or information of him have ever surfaced. He was reported to have been arrested in 2002 for Arson and theft (similar to Roland), before he tried to make contact with LeBron later that year.

The similarities between Roland Bivins and LeBron James seems a little too coincidental. And when you consider just how mysterious McClellan is, things just don't add up. If LeBron James' father is Roland Bivins, why did Gloria James give another name? If LeBron's father is Anthony McClelland, why does nobody know anything about him? If McClelland, why does Roland Bivins have so many similarities to LeBron while also going to Gloria's same High School?

According to the “theory,” Roland Bivins and Anthony McClellan are the same person. Instead of Bivins dying in 1994 as reported, he changed his name to assume a new identity.

For one more crazy twist: LeBron may actually have a half brother named Aaron McClellan, who actually looks insanely similar to the King himself.

Yeah, this whole thing is a little complicated and probably not true, and we may never know the entire truth to this big LeBron family dilemma. Is this conspiracy a hidden truth, or one huge, overplayed fairy tale?