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A Big Reason LeBron James Wants Out Of Cleveland May Have Nothing To Do With Basketball


It's no secret that the relationship between LeBron James and Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert is rocky, at best. So much so, in fact, that it was part of the reason why coming back to the Cavs was such a hard decision in the first place.

Well, obviously, LeBron was able to push aside his past with Gilbert, and it has brought much success to the city since. For the past few years, the Cavaliers have been the top dogs in the East, blowing by their conference competitors with ease.

Everything was looking stable until this offseason when all hell broke loose. Not only have new problems emerged, but old ones have begun to resurface. With all that's been going on of late, people have started talking about the possibility of LeBron leaving again. While the reasons will be plentiful, one of them may have nothing to do with basketball at all. Instead, politics could be at the heart of this whole debacle.

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James has not been shy about sharing his views on President Trump and speaking out against the current state of the Union. He refuses to stay in Trump hotels, criticized election results, and has called out Trump in response to the Charlottesville riots. But Dan Gilbert stands by none of it.

In fact, he is actually donating money to the Trump campaign and sent over $750,000 to his inauguration.

It's not known exactly how much help Gilbert gives to the Trump campaign, but he definitely stands behind the President in a way that LeBron absolutely does not.

With all the controversy surrounding the Trump campaign these days, being a supporter or not can have a huge impact on a person's relationships. In this case, LeBron and Gilbert already have a bad looking history with each other.

Politics wouldn't be the only reason that LeBron decides to skip town. But it will no doubt have a profound impact on his decision come next July.